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Anime and game replica swords and collectibles must accurately depict what the specific character used. For example, in the anime and manga series Attack on Titan, the swords are very unique, looking sort of like an enormous box-cutter blade with a handle that has throttle controls for the 3D Maneuver Gear. In the Zelda video games, Link carries the iconic sword and shield in his gear, SwordsAxe sells these items. Bleach Anime and manga has so many different sword-wielding characters it is hard to name them all, and then each sword may have more than one form, like Shikai or Bankai. Naruto swords like the Grass Cutter, it is important to have the emblem and paint work on both front and back sides of the sword.

Anime & Game fans emphasize appearance quality and accuracy over all other aspects of replica swords. It has to look exactly like the sword carried by that character. Many One Piece Anime Swords are particularly hard to buy online, so SwordsAxe keeps as many different versions available as possible, even from the Manga. Sword Art Online (SAO) is an increasingly popular anime show that we are expanding to include Krito's various swords and other characters as well. You may also find replicas from Assassins Creed, Afro Samurai, Blood+, Ninja Gaiden, Metal blade Gear Rising, Ga-Rei Zero, D Gray Man, and more.
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