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Movie collectibles and swords are replicas used by characters in TV and Film, including Action film like Kill Bill and Highlander, Fantasy film like Chronicles of Narnia and Conan the Barbarian, Historical films like 300 Movie (Spartans) and The Last Samurai, Sci-Fi films like Alien vs Predator, Super Hero films like GI Joe and Blade, and many other variety of film collectible replicas. This class of products also includes Knife replicas from Rambo, and Hammer replicas from Thor.

Some of the movie weapons available on swordsaxe:
Wolverine X Claw Adamantium Fantasy Claws: The popular X claws are used by the famous Wolverine from the X-men series. The blades of the claws are sharp and included in the set is a wood plaque to hang the claws safely.

Super Captain All Star Fantasy American Round Shield: There are almost no scenes in the captain America series that do not have the super American round shield. Captain America uses the shield to block enemy projectiles, if needed the shield can be thrown to an enemy or to destroy an object. The shield has high endurance and is almost unbreakable.

Alien vs Predator Deluxe Elite Hunter Mask: The mask covers the predators natural face. It protects the face from damage. Every predator has a different mask that is unique. The mask is durable and can withstand damage.

Swordsaxe has a large collection of movies swords at an affordable rate for the movie lovers.

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