Handmade Swords

A handmade sword has a higher value than a traditional one. It requires more labor work and more time. But this method of sword forging allows great accuracy and precision when making a sword. When crafting these swords, durability, sharpness and the strength of the sword are of great importance. It is almost impossible to break the handmade swords with shear force.

A handmade sword can be distinguished from the bulk swords by its hamon. Today most of the swords are made with machines as it requires a lot of work to forge the sword by hand. But some swords are still forged by hand for better quality and value. These swords have high carbon content and they are resistant to rust. These swords should be able to spring back if bent 1-2 inches with brute force. If they do not bend then they are too brittle and hard to use and might break when used with a hard blow. The balance of the sword is really important, during handcrafting it’s made sure the balance is properly maintained because it gives user the benefit of strength. Swordsaxe have a variety of high quality handmade swords with affordable prices for the swords enthusiastic.

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