Sword Sets

The sword sets usually have swords of different sizes and often different materials in them. This was quite a popular way of collecting sword, especially for the samurai in the early Japanese era. The reason of having different sizes of sword in a single set was that every sword has its own purpose. For example, a samurai uses a katana in for battles and a shorter sword to perform other tasks like Bushido.

Other types of sword sets in our collection are:

Ninja Twin Blade: The twin blade set has identical ninja swords, they are extremely sharp, they have a high quality sword handle and it has a circular guard handle so that the sword can be equipped safely.

Samurai Sword Set: We have a number of different sets for the samurai theme, each with different colors and details on the swords. Most of these sets include 3 swords, the swords are of different sizes but identical shape, also included in these sets are good quality stands to keep the swords safely.

Grim Reaper Combo: For people who love the grim reaper. A set of two different weapons and sheath.

Swordsaxe has a vast variety of swords sets for their customers. These sets are especially designed to for the collectors and enthusiasts alike.

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