Attack on Titan Survey Corps Sword Eren Yeager - Shingeki no Kyojin Anime

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From the anime Attack on Titan, this is the Survey Corps (like Special Forces) sword for use with the 3D maneuver gear. The Survey Corps received this type of sword that has an eject-able blade that can be replaced in an instant if it becomes stuck in a Titan. SwordsAxe is offering only the very finest Authentic version of this replica sword. It has a high carbon steel blade that is quenched to an iridescent black sheen. While it has a slightly sharp edge to it, you could probably cut with it but not worry about slicing your leather sheath up on accident.

The real art of this piece lies in the handle and guard. No other sword has this unique handle with a movable hand brake lever. The lever is spring loaded and has a smooth operation to it so when you release it, it springs back to position. The entire handle is all aluminum with a fine black and silver powder coated finish on it. At the pommel is a nylon cord tassel used to link with the 3D Maneuver Gear in the anime.

Overall Length: 38.25 Inches
Blade Length: 28 Inches
Blade Width: 1.5 Inches
Blade Thickness: 4.2mm
Blade Material: High Carbon Steel
Blade Processing: Oiled for Preservation, Quenched
Blade Sharpness: Mild Sharpness, Angled Edge
Tang: Partial Tang, High Carbon Steel
Handle Length: 8.5 Inches
Handle Grip: Aluminum, Powder Coated Black & Silve
Includes: Free Custom Leather Sheath w Back Straps
Features: Moveable Spring-Loaded Handbrake-style Handle, Nylon Tassel
Item Number:   AT-01  

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Length: 48
Width: 6
Height: 3
Pounds: 5
Ounces: 0.00000
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