Authentic Viking Gokstad Shield Wooden Round Functional Norse Reproduction

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Let me start by saying this is a functional shield, and an authentic reproduction made with materials naturally sourced and selected.

Each Viking Gokstad shield reproduction is handmade and considered functional in relation to period accuracy and the weapons used at that time. The wood is actually cut from the tree by the blacksmith who made it in our workshop. This is the real thing, not a sheet of cheap plywood or other material that would compromise authenticity or functionality. The wood is between 37mm and 42mm thick depending on the cut and age of the tree it is selected from. For the handle, the wood is cut out as you can see in the pictures, the handle is one single continuous piece of the shield itself. At the center of this shield sits an authentic 16 gauge thick high carbon steel Boss (round part in the middle). Solid brass rivets fix the Boss to this battle ready thick wooden Viking Gokstad round shield. Actual weight of the shield is just under four and a half pounds, providing perfect marriage between speed and strength of a defensive battle device. Note: This is a handmade collectible and may contain slight imperfections which are unique to each piece.

Vikings raided all across Europe during the Middle Ages and Dark Ages, conquering entire empires and toppling kings. The shield of a Viking was often just as important as the weapon he used, and Norse law actually dictated the requirements of his shield. Here you have a Viking Gokstad, which is a round wooden shield with a steel Boss at the center. The Boss is used to deflect sword blows and push the opponents sword away to open their defenses for an attack.

Overall Length: Appx. 20 Inches Diameter
Overall Height: Appx. 4 Inches Laying Flat
Shield Type: Viking Style, Gokstad, Round w Boss
Shield Material: Authentic Wood Handcut from a Tree, Hand Carved
Boss Construction: Solid Carbon Steel, 16ga, Brass Riveted
Boss Dimensions: 2.9 Inches High, 6.75 Inches Diameter
Thickness of Shield: 38mm on Average
Weight of Shield: 4 Pounds, 7.1 Ounces (4.44 Pounds)
Handle: Wooden, Durable, Single Piece w Shield
Finish: Natural Stained Wood, Water Resistant Application
Item Number:   MVS01  

Shipping/Package Specifications
Length: 26
Width: 20
Height: 4
Pounds: 5
Ounces: 8.00000
*note: weight & dimensions are for shipping and estimation.

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