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K-Project Anime and Manga (also known as K) is based in a modern and highly technological Japan, where a high school student named Yashiro Isana becomes mistakenly engulfed in a case of cold blooded murder and organized criminal vengeance. Kuroh Yatogami is tasked with eliminating Yashiro, but finds reason to delay or cancel his task, believing Yashiro is innocent and giving him benefit of the doubt. Kuro (for short) carries with him a samurai katana sword used to fight and execute, and he is a clansman of the Silver King. Part of his role is to eliminate all those considered to be Colorless King, and Yashiro is a prime suspect. Kuro is a very strait-forward type person that is quiet and serious, no nonsense and has uncanny focus on his goals as duty. Often times, Kuroh will find himself battling clansmen from the HOMRA clan (Red Clan), who also become interested in Yashiro Isana. has for sale Kuroh's sword, Kotowari, which once belonged to the Colorless King Ichigen Miwa. Kotowari resembles a classic samurai katana sword with a round guard and 2 shaku length. Each of the clans battle out in minor fights and conflicts, in a similar way that might occur between different organized gangs. In some very distant ways, the warring clans resemble the warring houses of classical Japan or before Edo, but with a Yakuza-type twist.
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