The machete has a close relation with the cleaver. The word machete comes from the word macho, which means something that is strong or manly. The machete’s main purpose of production was that it could be used by the farmer to help them cut through dense forest and also for cutting sugar cane. It was also used for cutting large fruits like coconuts and water melons.

The machete was not only used for agricultural uses, they were also used as a weapon by the farmers in battles, to defend themselves or their city. Toughness is the most important feature, when it comes to a good quality machete. High carbon spring steel is used for this purpose. Stainless steel should be avoided for this purpose as it is hard and cannot resist repeated impacts. In modern days, the machete is more of a tool than a weapon. The hunters use the machete for opening up the bodies of animals and also for skinning them. The machete is also used by the butchers and because of the sharp blade; it is easy to make a cut with a machete than a knife. Swordsaxe have good quality machetes with nylon sheaths provided with them for free.

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