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Shinobi, or Ninja, were first introduced in the 15th century in Feudal Japan, with unique abilities for stealth, espionage, sabotage, assassination skills, and universal ability to tackle an unusual environment. Ninja operated outside of the traditional code of honor or rules of engagement, making them even more unconventional than other fighting units. Usually, they were mercenaries. The gear or equipment setup carried by a ninja was always unique to the task expected of them, just like their training and instincts. For starters, operating outside detection of the enemy may have required dark, flexible clothing and shoes which could conceal the sound of their tools and weapons carried on missions.

To complete any combat mission, Shinobi would carry a sword called a straitblade katana that was lightweight and short enough to quickly draw from the back or hip. Throwing stars and other throwing knives, blades, shuriken, and kunai were used to buy time in defense from a distance. Ninja gear like the Ashiko, foot spikes for climbing, and the rope and grappling hook helped a ninja scale walls and overcome obstacles usually out of reach of the enemy. Ninja also carried caltrops, sharpened metal spikes thrown on the ground for enemy to step on, and the famous ''Black Egg'', which is a chicken egg painted black and filled with crushed powdered glass that is thrown into the eyes of an enemy. Every ninja should have at least a ninja sword, a set of throwing stars, and kunai.
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