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The Japanese Anime TV series and Manga like Sword Art, Bleach, One Piece Naruto are popular in the US and Japan, with nearly each main character carrying a sword or blade of some sort called a Zanpakuto that reflects the owners soul attitude or characteristics. For example, Ichigo Kurosake carries Tensa Zangetsu, which is a very large sword in it's Shikai, and morphs into a slender katana-like sword in it's Bankai form. Then there is the Zanpakuto sword carried by Kenpachi Zaraki, which always remains in it's original unreleased form because Kenpachi is strong enough he has never needed to learn Bankai or even Kido. carries the widest selection of the highest quality Japanese Anime swords available anywhere. You cannot find a more accurate version of Rukia's Sode no Shirayuki, or Coyote Starks blade, or Nel Nelliel Tu Espada sword, or Kisuke Urahara's cane. From one Anime fan to another, we sell only the best, most accurate replicas online, and we also have them in wooden for Conventions, metal unsharpened for Cosplay, and even umbrella's themed to match up. There are so many unique styles of these swords in different Bankai and Shikai forms, and SwordsAxe aims to carry them all. For example, we carry over 5 different version of Ichigo's Zangetsu, including the Ultimate form and the Final Form, and even Quincy Powers.