Claw Gripper Daggers

The claw gripper dagger can be used for decorations, cosplays and for the enthusiasts alike. These daggers have a firm grip and the user can handle these daggers with more control than an ordinary knife or a sword.

Wolverine X Claw Adamantium Fantasy Claws: The weapon of the main character of the X-Men series, the wolverine X claw. This claw is available in two colors. It has high quality durable blades. The handle of this gripper dagger is wrapped with leather to provide a firm grip for the user. Also included in the set is a hardwood plaque to display the Wolverine X Claw at your home and office.

Flying Vampire Bloodline Skull Claw Dagger: An amazing fantasy vampire claw dagger with six blades on each dagger. The dagger has an alluring decorative body with high details. The blades of the dagger has sharp tips. The dagger has two leg blades to give it a gliding effect.

Pantera Claw with Wall Display: This is a master collector piece gripper dagger. The dagger has four finger holes, to give it a firm grip when equipped. It is crafted with steel and it has dull finish. The blades used on this claw are forged with stainless steel. Also included in the set is a wood display that can be used to display the claw at home and office.

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