Dragon Daggers

The dragon dagger is a unique weapon with a distinct look. Often the handle of the dragon dagger has a shape of the dragon and the blade of the dagger is painted to give it a scaly appearance.

Dragon Claw Fantasy Dagger w/ Stand: A weapon designed for the dragon lovers and enthusiasts. The dagger has a dragon golden hilt. It has an acid etched blade. The dagger is a bit curved. Included in the set is a fire etched wooden stand.

Fire Breathing Dragon Dagger of Death: A perfect collector’s item for the dragon fans. The handle of the dagger has a shape of a dragon. The handle is highly detailed, the dragon has red eyes, prominent scales and a perfect finishing. The blade of the dagger is pointy at different positions to give it a fiery look. The blade also has a painting of fire. It is forged with stainless steel. The dagger has a black display stand for decorating this amazing piece of art at your home and office.

So let the dragon inside you come alive and take over! Get the highly detailed dragon daggers at swordsaxe today because this could be the perfect gift for someone that is special to you.

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