Throwing Stars

The throwing stars are famous from the time of the traditional ninjas of Japan. The throwing stars are also known as “Shuriken”, meaning the hidden sword. The throwing star was used in stealth techniques to assassinate the enemy before they could even move a muscle. The throwing star had other different uses too. For example, it was used to injure the enemy before getting into close advantage; this gave the user a big advantage in battle. The user can also confuse the opponent or buy time to get in a better position by using more than one throwing star on his opponent. It was well- known for slashing, dicing and sometimes even stabbing. Although the throwing star is meant for ranged combat, the ninja also used it for stabbing their enemies. This allowed them to silently finish the job without any disturbance.

Even though the shuriken is small in size, the sharp edges on its blade allow it to cut through almost anything it is thrown at. It is made with different variety of everyday items like knifes, needles, pins etc. The throwing star can be molded in different ways for example a star or octagram. Swordsaxe has a collection of throwing stars available with discounted price.