Arena Gladiator Helmet Roman Colosseum Warrior 18G Carbon Steel Armor

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Feel the pure adrenaline rush as the crowd roars and ladies call out to the victor and alpha-warrior of the arena! 18G Carbon steel forged and stamped into the awesome and aggressive arena-style functional armored helmet replica. The mask covering the face uses hinged rivets so you can adjust it a bit as needed. The forward spiked crest that rides down the center of this helmet is 15 inches long (radial) and 2.5 inches tall, plus provides extra protection atop the head.

This is a very well made, sturdy helmet for reasonable functional protection based upon historical Colosseum arena weaponry, costume, reenactment, and display. Despite having some rough edges here and there, each handmade helmet is unique and may have slight differences between any two pieces. We recommend you wear a cotton padded coif (head covering) under the helmet for comfort and absorption of kinetic energy, and possibly consider using an adjustable leather suspension depending on fitment.

Overall Height: 13 Inches
Circumference: 29.5 to 28 Inches
Helmet Weight: 2 Pounds & 12.4 Ounces, (2.775 lbs)
Designation: Arena Gladiator Helmet, European & Medieval, Maximus-style, Armored Mask
Materials: Handforged Carbon Steel, Stamped, Plated 18ga & 19ga, Riveted, Welded
Crest: About 2.5 Inches Tall, Steel, Welded to Helmet, 15 Inches Long (Radial)
Size: Fits Adult Sizes
Steel Thickness: 18ga Per Layer Average
Fastening Type: N/A
Exterior Finish: Satin Chrome, Preservative Oil Coating
Coverage: Head, Forehead, Back of Upper Neck, Eye Relief, Nasal Area, Around Mouth & Chin
Item Number:   MAH04  

Shipping/Package Specifications
Length: 13
Width: 12
Height: 9
Pounds: 4
Ounces: 0.00000
*note: weight & dimensions are for shipping and estimation.

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