Art of Katana

When we have brief look over the history pages of Japan the word of Katana always comes to our attention. Katana has been regarded as one of the most expensive and exceptional swords of their era. Katana has a special significance during the battles and has played an enormous role in shaping the Japanese image and culture. The discussion of history of Japan is incomplete without the detail analysis of Katana swords. This article focuses your entire attention towards the Katana swords which have gained a huge importance in the history of far east. Katana was significantly used by Samurai as it was a single edged, sharp and bladed sword. In the warring ground Katana was strongly used up along with Wakizashi and Tanto which were smaller swords as compared to this sword. They were massively used by the warriors for fighting against their enemies in the battle field. 

These swords also became the symbol of admiration, reputation and authority for the Samurai people. When we compare Katana and Tanto swords than Katana were strong and made up of hard steel material and were largely used for taking the heads on of the rivalries whereas Tanto swords were smaller in size and they were not much in use during the battle and were frequently used for cutting and thrashing purposes. In the language of Japanese the body of Katana sword has been given the name of Saya whereas the cover which is sophistically premeditated for the army man protection is called Tsuba. Moreover for further beautification of Katana sword different craftsmen were hired for different arts such as for the designing of its grip, handle collar, knife handle and cap. One of the most unique aspects of its popularity is its tip shape which enhances the beauty of the sword. The tip of the sword is considered to be essential ingredient of the sword and it can be curved, straight and edged. If the tip of the swords are straight or curved type than the sword becomes a sought after heirloom.

One of the basic reasons for such popularity is that the swords with straight tips often helps to have a firm grim over the swords and in such cases Japanese do resemble them with their sword named as Kissaki. But as soon as we move on in having a proper know-how about these swords most of us hardly bother to think about the hard work and full devotion of the people who are involved in the hand work of these swords and work day and night to enrich the swords with more beauty. These craftsmen make the blades of the Katana swords sharper and edgier for easier cut and thrash. Additionally, the Katana swords have been fully enriched with beautiful Japanese writings, signatures and different dragon images which increase its beauty and these writings sometimes become the centre of attraction for the majority of eye-catchers.  These writings have been given the name of Horimono. 

There are certain people who holds a strange misconception with them that the word Blood Groove has been engraved on the sword because it will allow the blood to flow down quickly from the enemy wounds and that’s the main reason for its use in World War II but that’s not true anymore. According to Japanese the title of Blood Groove is only given to less the sword weight as it was very heavy in the absence of this writing and became unable for the warriors to hold and level them properly on their hands due to which they lose the grip over the swords. Moreover, as every sword brings out the message of legacy, fame and power in a same way this stamp naturally claim out to be the real meaning of show casing supremacy, tribute, strong point and reputation to the whole world. Another strange and unusual thing is that the Katana swords often consist of whistles which are hung on the each side of swords. On all the three sides these whistles holds an imperative place. In case the entire three whistles blow up than the swords man realizes that his sword is now in the proper direction to cut down the enemy in front of him.

On reaching the conclusion in the light of above discussion Katana swords have earned a big name in Japanese civilization and are still highly in demand by them. Katana swords have gained an enormous name in the history and have been strongly demanded in the battle fields and have made a huge name by providing its services during the World War II. Therefore it sometimes get very necessary to turn back the pages of history and put a brief highlight over some of the major weapons due to which many of the countries have seen victory in the battle ground.