Black Plate Gorget Templar Knight Crusader Medieval Metal Neck & Throat Armor

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This awesome pitch black plate gorget is perfect for a knights templar crusader reenactment costume. This handmade product is crafted from high-quality carbon steel, and finished with a beautiful black enamel coating. It features two adjustable leather straps, riveted into place for a durable construction. Each buckle also includes d-ring attachments for pauldrons, making it easy combine your armor pieces. This item is also great for fantasy cosplay and LARP.

Historical Note:
If you were looking to protect your body in medieval warfare, there was no better armor than plate. Ultimate protection from piercing and slashing weapons, and even some against blunt force due to the padded armor that knights would wear underneath. In addition to the protective qualities, plate armor was considered stylish and prestigious because only the wealthy could afford it.

*The padded armor and other apparel shown in the images is not included with this product.*

This Product is handmade, and may contain slight variations or imperfections.

Width: Approx. 12 Inches
Height of Front: Approx. 7 Inches
Height of Back: Approx. 7 Inches
Materials: Black Plated Carbon Steel, Genuine Leather, Metal Rivets
Coverage: Upper Middle Chest, Lower Throat & Neck, Upper Middle Back, Partial Shoulders
Handmade: Each piece is made by hand and may contain slight imperfections
All specifications are approximate.
Item Number:   GR-01  

Shipping/Package Specifications
Length: 13
Width: 10
Height: 3
Pounds: 3
Ounces: 0.00000
*note: weight & dimensions are for shipping and estimation.

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