Top Five Movie Swords Ranked by Best Selling, Best Quality, Most Popular, Most Demanded, and More.

By Yugo505, June 3, 2015

From the most creative, to the most functional, here is the top five most popular movie swords ever to be available online. You will not find a more accurate collection anywhere of your top five, voted best by customers purchasing from and affiliates. Just take a glance over this list and decide for yourself which swords are must-have replicas, and share this page to find popular demand among your friends. This is a list that includes movie swords exclusively, and we will release another list for TV shows such as Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead, which are also very popular.

1 300, The Movie - King Leonidas Kopis Replica

300, The Movie - King Leonidas Kopis Replica

Just about every sword collector has seen the 300 movie, or it's sequel. The cinematic effects and raw battle scenes are vivid - much appreciated by guys, plus women love this movie for the muscular near-nudity and of course the guys who buy the Sword Replicas get bonus points. In other words, customers buy this sword because it is cool, and it can score you some extra attention from the ladies. In fact, at Dragon-Con, a few college guys were dressed up as the 300 warriors and seemed to be surrounded by the ladies non-stop. Score!

300, The Movie had a sequel release that featured even more brilliance than the first, and more swords too. Many key ingredients have brought the 300 movie sword line of products to the top of the list.
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2 Kill Bill - Brides Sword of Beatrix Kiddo

Kill Bill - Brides Sword of Beatrix Kiddo

Functional from Sugoi Steel, or plain display replica, SwordsAxe carries both versions of the Kill Bill Brides Katana, featuring the legendary lion engraved onto the blade. It represents a Lioness mother whom rescues her cub from danger. While the display replica version is of excellent quality, the functional Sugoi Steel replica is exquisite and built for functional cutting use. Please exercise caution when handling Sugoi Steel swords, as they are very sharp, full tang, 1060 high carbon steel, made for the purpose of cutting real targets.

Kill Bill Katana's are one of the few movie sword collections that have both ornate and functional replicas available online now. Sugoi Steel has finally started making its debut with the very best in functional swords, entering the movie sword market with its battle ready Kill Bill swords and also 47 Ronin Katana. More from Sugoi Steel soon!
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3 Harry Potter - Godric Gryffindor Replica Sword

Harry Potter - Godric Gryffindor Replica Sword

Harry Potter fans know this sword well, as it was in the movies and books, plus later carried by Harry Potter himself. This is a very well made replica sword with a highly polished 440 stainless steel blade that is not sharpened, so you can use it with your costume or some conventions depending on the rules. The handle and guard are genuine zinc aluminum alloy metal with red acrylic gems decorating the hilt.
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4 Lord of the Rings - Andúril Sword of Aragorn II, Heir of Isildur

Lord of the Rings - Andúril Sword of Aragorn II, Heir of Isildur

Anduril is a legendary sword reforged from the shards of Narsil, the sword broken by Sauron and also cut the ring from Saurons hand. Replica's of Anduril exist in varying sizes, qualities, and serialized features, and fans of the LOTR should consider price when selecting the right replica LOTR sword. Some shops online charge $200 or more for a version of Anduril that is serialized, and it is the exact same sword in terms of quality as the some non-serialized versions. In fact, a better quality replica can be had for less than half the price of the serialized versions.
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5 Chronicle of Narnia - Peter's Sword

Chronicle of Narnia - Peter's Sword

The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. . . Chronicles of Narnia. . . both tell the tale originated from an epic book popular among children and adults alike. Two versions of this replica sword exist, the full sized version (45 inches) comes with a wall plaque, and the compact version (40.5 inches) comes with the scabbard. One of the most iconic features of the sword is the Golden Lion pommel, which is permanently fixed to this sword. The blade is made of the best 440 stainless steel available, and on the full sized version, it features blade inscriptions and a highly detailed wall plaque.
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