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The Coolest Swords in Games

By Chowser, May 9th, 2017



Here at SwordsAxe we love the inspirational quality of Video Games weapons. They are unique and impressive, and often defy the laws of physics. Despite that fact, we have seen them come to life at impressive cosplay events. Today we want to honor video game swords with our list of top five.

5. Skyrim Skyforge Steel Sword

Skyrim Skyforge Steel Sword

Although the Skyforge Steel Sword is not the most powerful weapon in Skyrim, it is still one of the most iconic swords in recent game history. This sword is in fact closer to the bottom of the totem pole in terms of power, however, the beautiful Norse inspired design really helped to set the tone of the game. It added a sense of tradition to the game that resonated with the Viking theme on a level previously unmatched. Some fans of the game might argue for other swords, such as the Glass Sword or the Daedric Sword, but it is the Skyforge Sword that truly carries the soul of Skyrim.

4. Warhammer 40K Chainsword

Skyrim Skyforge Steel Sword

The Chainsword is one of the more gruesome styles of weapon to emerge from video games. On first appearance, it might not seem so, but in action it is a different story all together. In Eternal Crusade this blade tears through armor and flesh with abandon, giving a sense of what a light weight chainsaw sword would be like in life. As terrible as that idea may be, the masculine futuristic design of this awesome weapon is still cool to behold. And it fits perfectly into the dark setting of the far future portrayed in Warhammer 40K. The Chainsword is definitely an iconic sword worthy of a place in our top five list.

3. Frostmourne

Skyrim Skyforge Steel Sword

This truly epic sword is a masterpiece of death and destruction, fueled by the dark soul of a lich lord. It is the fulcrum of an entire story arch in the classic hit game Warcraft III, which follows the young Paladin-Prince, Arthas Menethil. When Arthas took up this cursed runeblade it began to whisper its evil bidding into the heart of his soul, transforming him into a cruel Death Knight. His fall from grace sent him on a downward spiral of disperse and anger, while the power of Frostmourne put him at the head of the Scourge. Ultimately this evil sword lead Arthas to become one with the deadliest undead creature known to Azeroth, the Lich King. Any respectable Warcraft fan will recognize the power of this dread sword on sight, and know the evil that it bears.

2. Kingdom Hearts Keyblade

Skyrim Skyforge Steel Sword

On a lighter note, we have the Keyblades of Kindom Hearts, bringing a sense of cartoon joy to the art of swordplay. Although they are beautiful to look at, these fancy swords are far from deadly in appearance, drawing mainly from the surrealist nature of the game. They are whimsical and fun, and when you whack your enemies in the game it feels more like you are freeing them from the chains of evil than killing them. The Keyblade is an innocent kind of sword that unlocks the soul of the opponent rather than shedding blood. It is an iconic sword not only in form, but also in concept, which brings a more positive perspective to the world of video games.

1. Legend of Zelda Master Sword

Skyrim Skyforge Steel Sword

The Master Sword is definitely one of the most iconic sword in video game history, with at least ten iterations over the past few decades. It is a sword which comes with a series of stories which have impacted multiple generations, instilling a sense of adventure from the comfort of the couch. It is a sword of justice, honor, loyalty, and truth, and it is timeless within its scope. Crafted by a Goddess, and bathed in sacred flames by a chosen hero, this sword is the master of all swords in Hyrule. It has the power to repel evil, and it has banished the Demon Warlock Ganon from the realm countless times. It is a sword that most young people in the world would likely recognize, which is why it holds the place of honor on our top five list.

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