Essence of a Ninja Sword

There are so many historical and typical swords around the world. But Ninja Sword has its own uniqueness due to its shape, blade and design. Before we can understand about the sword we must know its yielder, the Ninja? Ninja is a Japanese word containing two words (Nin-means Night) and (Jas-means hunters, attackers, ninja gear). So it means night hunters or night attackers. There are so many legends about these fighters that sometimes it gets hard to separate facts from fiction.

A Ninja was a secret agent involved in a movement against the feudal lords of Japan. These feudal lords were very cruel to them. They were called Summaries. These people were the poor villagers and formers. Another term that is used for these attackers is Shinobi. These were called assassins and most of the Samurais hired them to kill their enemies.

They get special physical training and use any kind of thing for their weapon. Especially they have great command on five elements (Air, Water, Earth, Sunlight and Fire).They can use any kind of these element against their enemy. They have special clothes and weapons. Particularly the black cloth has become an identity of them because these assassins always work at night so this kind of cloth help them meld into the shadows. They use so many kind of weapons such as shuriken, spikes, shinobigatana, shuko, an iron hand-crampon used for climbing and Ninja Sword.

Ninja Sword is very small only 24 inches but very sharp. It can easily cut the human body into two pieces. The scabbard (Saya) of the sword usually accompanies the sword. At the end of the scabbard (Saya) there is a hidden compartment where they can hide small types of weapons such as spikes, needles, daggers, small amount of poison and most important documents. They can use it as hammer by holding its blade. The Scabbard of the sword can be used for breathing tube when they had to swim under the water. It has many shapes and kinds such as curved, straight and two way blade etc. Some important names of the swords are Combat Sword, Dragon Sword, Basic Traditional Black Ninja Katana, Hardwood Sword, Black Ronin Sword and Tanto Sword.

This kind of sword is shorter than the sword of Samurais. The Samarians sword is very large and heavy because they use the best quality of steel and iron. They think that they can easily cut the body of opponent in one cut. But it is very difficult for ninjas to run quickly and hide with heavy and very large sword. That is why this sword is shorter and light weight. They can easily put it on back and use easily. One thing is very important that Samurais did not know the secret technique of using the Ninja Sword. So Ninjas sometimes had an edge with this sword.