Gothic Full Arm Armor - Vambrace, Couter, Rerebrace 18G Carbon Steel Medieval Knight

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Pair of full arm coverage armor for left & right arms!
By covering the entire arm with 18G plated carbon steel, a warrior can focus more on his offensive attacks with confidence of his defensive strengths. This pair of full arm armour will cover your upper arms (Rerebrace), forearms (Vambrace), elbows (Couter), and most of the wrists. Most essential about this Gothic set is how wide and large the Couter is. Wearing this is like having a small shield on each arm, and the surrounding fins help deflect attacks away from the body and absorb kinetic energy to disperse into the steel instead of your body.

This will encase both the upper arms and forearms 180 degrees around when tightened and fitted properly. Upper arm default minimum circumference with full coverage around is 13.8 inches (inner), and can be adjusted tighter or more loosely by flexion of the steel to exact fitment. Located at the top of the Rerebrace on each arm there are two holes which can be used to attach this armor to your steel Pauldrons or other shoulder armor.

This is a very well made set, sturdy enough for reasonable functional protection based upon historically accurate weaponry, costume, reenactment, and display. Despite having some rough edges here and there, each handmade piece is unique and may have slight differences between any two pieces. We recommend you wear cotton padding under this armor for comfort and absorption of kinetic energy.

Overall Length: 20.5 Inches
Rerebrace Length: 7.25 Inches
Couter Width: 11 Inches
Couter Height: 4 Inches Installed
Couter Shield Fins Height: 2 Inches
Vambrace Length: 9.25 Inches
Materials: Hand Forged Carbon Steel, Stamped, Authentic Cowhide Leather
Size: Fits Adult Sizes
Era: Medieval Europe, Iron Age, Gothic
Fitment: Adjustable Leather Straps, Riveted, w/ Hanger Holes on Rerebrace
Coverage: Full Upper Arm, Elbow, Forearm Front & Back, Partial Wrist
Movement: Full Range of Motion, Linked Plates by Riveted Leather
Weight Each: 2 pound 14 ounces
Item Number:   MAL01  

Shipping/Package Specifications
Length: 21
Width: 17
Height: 6
Pounds: 8
Ounces: 2.00000
*note: weight & dimensions are for shipping and estimation.

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