Historical Swords

Every sword has its own story to tell, be it the sword of King Solomon or the sword of Knight William Wallace. It is this unique identity of these swords, that we want our customers to enjoy when they buy a sword from Swordsaxe. Sword enthusiasts have immense passion for these historical swords and they feel a great connection with their favorite historical figure, who was the original wielder of the sword. 

Excalibur: The Excalibur was the legendary sword of King Arthur. It was believed that this sword had magical power and it was also associated with the sword in the stone.

King Solomon Sword: The sword belonging to the king of Israel. The material used to make our replica version of the blade is high quality 420 stainless steel with brilliant luminosity.

Sword of Richard the Lionheart: The king of England, Richard the Lionheart is known for being a great leader and a fearless warrior.

William Wallace Sword: Also known as the Wallace Sword from Brave Heart, was an unique claymore that belonged to William Wallace, a brave Scottish knight, who fought against the English people to retain peace and justice in Scotland. 

Swordsaxe has these and many other quality historical swords of your favorite figures for a discounted price.
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