Medieval Knights Chainmail Habergeon - Hauberk Functional Armor Chain Link Shirt

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Looking for functional mild steel chainmail Hauberk shirt that can take a royal beating? Knights and warriors of the middle ages and even before that time almost always had some form of chainmail armor underneath steel armor plating. Chainmail armour could easily stop a slashing sword, thrusting spear, or even a piercing arrow. Steel armor always had gaps between the plates which could be penetrated by an accurate or lucky strike, but with chainmail on, a knight was better protected from this threat.

This Habergeon chainmail shirt covers the thorax entirely and covers the legs to right above the knees. It also includes a neck piece called a chainmail gorget which provides even more protection during battle. Squires used to wear this armor as a way to build muscles and become a more disciplined fighter. In total the chainmail set weighs just about 30 pounds and might feel heavy to a newby, but novices and adept armorers will feel the chainmail is right at home. Each hand forged mild steel link features the superior 4-in-1 style, and is coated in oil for storage and to resist rust or corrosion. We recommend you wear a cotton padded vest under any chainmail armor for comfort and protection. It is best to clean the chainmail with a combination cleaning spray (cleaner, lubricator, preserver) like Balistol or CLP before use. During storage, the steel should be oiled or coated with silicon, Balistol, or CLP, or equivalent.

Overall Length: 43 Inches
Overall Width: 28 Inches
Material: Mild Steel, Handmade, Forged Links
Mail Link Pattern: 4 in 1
Size: Fits Adult Sizes
Coverage: Shoulders to Lower Thighs, Gorget Neck Coverage
Weight: Appx 30 lbs.
Period Accurate
Item Number:   IND-108  

Shipping/Package Specifications
Length: 14
Width: 14
Height: 7
Pounds: 32
Ounces: 0.00000
*note: weight & dimensions are for shipping and estimation.

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