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Steampunk Kenji Short Film "Chiryokumaru" animated by Studio 4°C

By Chowser, November 2nd, 2016

Kenji With a Steampunk Twist

The Japan Kenji Aptitude Foundation has joined forces with Studio 4°C again, bringing to the table an action packed short film entitled “Chiryokumaru” which translates to “Wisdom Armor”. Previously the duo created a romantic comedy entitled “Why She Loves Kenji”. This time around, however; the short film is packed with electric action, and brimming with cool steampunk elements. The powered armor featured in the film fuses inspirational elements from Japanese culture with a steampunk Iron Man twist.

Steampunk Gear!

With “Why She Loves Kenji” the team released the story in to episodes, so we can likely expect the same this time around.

Check it out on YouTube!