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T-Shirts are enough for Cosplay!!!

By Ray, September 23, 2014


T-shirts for Cosplay

Are you too lazy to gather all the detailed accessories needed to make your cosplay costume look decent. Or is cost your main concern, then these sweet T-Shirts have you covered.

Availability: Price:
  • Now Available.
  • At ACOS
  • 4,500 Yen
  • About $41.5
  • Tax Not Included.

T-shirts for Cosplay This Kantai Collection (T-shirts that look like costumes from your favorite Anime shows) comes in two different designs.

One T-shirts is based on Shimakaze's Sailor Uniform while the other T-Shirt replicates Kongou's Robe and Skirt Combo. The T-Shirts are detailed enough that they even show Shimakaze's armaments from the back.


T-shirts for Cosplay The shirts are availaible now at ACOS for 4500 Yen each. That is about $41.3 each in the USA. Please note that this does not include tax or shipping.

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