If You Have Pre-Ordered Merchandise And Are Waiting for Shipment:

An expected ship date has finally been annouced! Thank you very much for your patience and so sorry for the delay. Unfortunetely, the products have not arrived at our warehouse yet, but they are on their way. Their was a delay in processing some imports through customs of up to two to three weeks. SwordsAxe has been provided an estimated date from the logistics agency which is currently set at April 18, 2014. Because of this very long and unexpected delay, SwordsAxe is sending out free Gift Cards via USPS mail starting today. So if you have Pre-Ordered a retail item and not received it, you should expect at least a $10 Gift Certificate in the mail soon. Some lucky, loyal buyers will even receive $20 Gift Certificates or Free Merchandise, at random.

Expect A Free Gift Certificate in the Mail!