Rapier Swords

The rapier sword was first introduced in the 1500s in Europe. It was used as a self-defense weapons and also for duels and competitions. It was forged to fill the purpose of a sword that was light and fast. A weapon that could thrust instead of cutting or slashing. The rapier was a weapon of high value, and only the rich class owned the weapon.

The rapier is a pointed sword that specializes in thrusting. The sword is lightweight and thin, so that it can be handled easily. It is designed to penetrate easily. These swords have complex hilts, to keep the hands of the user in a safe position. The rapier allowed fast reactions for the user with a long reach and deadly thrusting skills. The average weight of a rapier sword is only about one kg.

A rapier is often accompanied by a buckler or shield, so that the strikes of the opponent can be blocked before thrusting and finishing them at the right time. The rapier can also penetrate into light armor.

Swordsaxe has good quality rapier swords at an affordable rates for our customers. Also included in the rapier swords set is a high quality, black leather sheath.

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