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Caribbean Pirate Cutlass Sword

By Riz the Wiz on July 24, 2013

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Caribbean Pirate Cutlass Sword

Sailing the high seas and looking for booty, the Caribbean pirates were a nasty lot to hang around with. And though by the time of the peak of the piracy era firearms were common, the pirates still carried a sword with them for those nasty close encounters. Most common among the pirates was the cutlass , a class of swords with a unique slightly curved blade and a full guard handle. Sort of like a cross between a katana and a scimitar.

Pros: Cons:
  • Authentic Size and Design
  • Machined Aluminum Handle
  • Enriched with Pirate Symbols
  • Matching Scabbard
  • Difficult to sharpen
  • No belt loop with scabbard
  • No wall Display included
  • May Cause Piracy Tendencies

Caribbean Pirate Cutlass Sword

As far as the look and design of the sword is concerned, this product has nailed it. It has a lot of things going for it. Let's start with the blade . The blade is about 22 inches in length and has a good solid feel to it. But what really sets it apart is the pirate writing and symbols on it. They depict a compass, a ship, a skull and an anchor. In between them are other symbols. This kind of detail brings an extra sense of reality to the dream of being a pirate.

Caribbean Pirate Cutlass Sword Moving on to the guard we see an intricately detailed piece which covers the handle completely thereby protecting the hand of the wielder completely. The guard has a mermaid depicted on it in exquisite detail. What's more is that the mermaid is being captured by a net which fits a pirates profile perfectly well if I may say so myself.


Caribbean Pirate Cutlass Sword Looking at the sword one can tell that this is meant for display and cosplay. Do not intend to set sail with this sword. That being said the materials used on this cutlass are top notch for their intended purposes. The sword's blade is made of a high quality 440 stainless steel, which requires little maintenance and would not rust. But do not intend to use it as a real sword.

The guard and the pommel are cast out of zinc-aluminum alloy. These parts have a dull gold finishing to them and suit the theme of the product perfectly well. The mermaid is cast out of this zinc-aluminum alloy and has a superb finishing thanks to the material.

The scabbard is all rosewood in black. It also features decorative fittings on either end. The pointy end features dual pistols and the other end features a pirate skull. But the star of the show is the machined aluminum handle . I do not say this lightly but the handle may in fact be the best feature of this sword. It just oozes a feeling of quality whether it is in your hands or you are just watching it. A picture is worth a thousand words so please take a look at the image on your right.


As an imaginary Caribbean pirate you could not have asked for a better first mate. This sword would help you keep your crew in line, it would make people hand over their loot on their own, the law would keep its distance from you and you would be the envy of all the other pirate captains.

In all seriousness this is a great replica, well worth the asking price!

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