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LARP Foam Chainsaw Sword Prop

By Chowser, April 12th, 2017


FOAM Chainsaw Sword

Space Orcs, Sky Pirates, Sci-Fi Future Marines, what do they all have in common? Chainsaw Swords! And this detailed Steampunk FOAM chain-sword looks like it is ready to take any one of those cosplay scenarios to the next level.

Epic in every way, this top tier prop is finished with a battle warn surface, giving it the rugged grit that any respectable chainsword needs. The relief details show off a slew of great Steampunk elements such as; gears, knobs, buttons, rivets, screws, plates, and pipes, all of which are done in a faux-metal look. Everything about the surface of this item looks to be in order, so let’s take a closer look at the construction and usability.


Crafted from sturdy cushioned foam for LARP action, and finished with a glossy Latex surface for added strength the design of this prop seems to be in order. The full-length fiberglass inner rod insures rigidity, and gives this item great balance in the hand. Although it sports a fairly long handle, the design seems mainly intended for a one-handed grip. However, an individual with smaller hands would likely be able to comfortably grip this sword with two hands, as the handle is around seven inches long.

In terms of LARP usage everything seems to be spot on. The foam is just the right density to balance sturdiness with padding, to make for soft impacts. Everything is well put together and fused in such a way as to make this item feel quite durable. In terms of actual combat this item would need to be treated with more care than a regular foam sword due to the protruding chainsaw teeth, but that tends to be the cost with more detailed props. All in all, the design of this item seems to be top notch.

Pros: Cons:
  • Light weight.
  • Fiberglass inner rod.
  • Durable cushioned FOAM.
  • Sturdy construction.
  • Faux-leather wrapped handle.
  • Saw teeth vulnerable to damage.
  • Handle a little small for two-handed grip.
  • Epic distressed finish not for everyone.
  • Not a real chainsaw.

FOAM Chainsaw Sword Handle Detail


The construction of this item is very solid, the foam itself is pretty much seamless, and any seams the do exist are fused together so well that the appear to be nonexistent. The majority of the foam looks to be made in one piece, with some of the relief accents fused to the larger piece with the latex surfacing. The saw teeth appear to be of the same piece as the main blade, which should help prevent them from tearing off, as they are the weakest structural element of the design. There is an inner rod of fiberglass running the full length of the sword, adding rigidity, yet allowing for flexibility. The handle is wrapped with black faux-leather, giving the grip solid friction, comfort and a stylish look to boot. Overall this is one of the best made FOAM props we have come across.


This is truly a top tier LARP and cosplay replica, form construction to appearance, this sword excels in its class. Safe to use in pretty much any cosplay scenario, the only thing we would say to avoid with this item is heavy LARP combat due to the exposed teeth of the chainsaw. But if you have a special steampunk or cosplay event coming up, or need a chainsword for light LARP action, this is the sword for you.

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