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Handmade Wooden Viking Shield

By Chowser November 3rd, 2016

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The Walking Dead Katana Michonne

From the great Northern-European regions, the Vikings sailed to war, and trusted their Karve longships with their lives. When they reached their destination, however; they put much of their faith in the strength of their shields. This historical replica is handcrafted to a beautiful finish, which will have all your friends convinced that you are a Viking warrior straight out of the history books. If you are an aspiring Viking in your cosplay endeavors, this is the shield for you!

The two-toned stained wood has a smooth, satin finish which evokes a solid sense of the tree it came from. The aluminum accents are nicely polished, but not overly shiny, and contrasts well with the wood. The back of the shield is assembled from all black pieces, so you know you won’t have any reflective metals shining in your eyes during those crucial parries.

When I try it on the first thing that strikes me is how comfortable it is. The steel grip is perfectly spaced from the back of the shield, and the rounded design is very easy on the hand even without a glove. The next thing I notice is the weight; for how sturdy it is, this shield is light-weight, mainly due to the aluminum accents. I am a fan of the aluminum accents because they are completely stainless as well.

Pros: Cons:
  • Adjustable Faux-leather strap.
  • Beautiful two-toned wood finish.
  • Light-weight, Stainless Aluminum accents.
  • Very sturdy, comfortable steel grip.
  • Functional Sturdy wood body.
  • No serialized certificate included.
  • Aluminum accents more easily damaged than steel.
  • Visible seams in aluminum trim.
  • Owner may be mistaken for a Viking Raider.


The Walking Dead Katana Michonne The wooden body of this shield seems to be made of a sturdy plyboard with a beautiful exotic wood Vanier for the front surface. The edges are sanded to a smooth finish, and painted with a red-brown lead free paint. The aluminum accents on the front of the shield are fastened with rivets, and although I see no visible evidence of glue on the surface, I suspect it was also used based on how secure they are. The aluminum Boss has a slight hammered texture to the surface, and is raised around two inches from the wooden base of the shield.

The back of the shield is finished with a solid sheet of faux-leather, which is soft to the touch. The welded steel grip is attached to the back of the shield using six screws, and dose not wiggle in the slightest. The black faux-leather upper-arm strap is secured with ten small screws, and sports an adjustable buckle with five adjustment holes.

The shield measures approximately 23.75 inches in diameter, and the wooden body is right around .5 inches thick. For such a sturdy shield it is light weight at around 6.25 pounds. I would say a shield like this is worth upwards of two hundred dollars, so at hundred-dollars this baby is a bargain. All in all, the craftsmanship is very nice, and I believe this shield will stand the test of time.

The Walking Dead Katana Michonne


In conclusion, I would say this shield is one of the best Viking replica shield you can buy for the price range. It is strong, light-weight, and beautifully handcrafted. I would recommend this shield to anyone looking to spruce up their Viking cosplay, as well as all you die hard barbarian LARPers. I hope you’ve found this review to be helpful and informative.

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