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K-Project Anime Sword Kuroh Yatogami

By Jersey-Joe, August 7, 2014

1 Design

K-Project Anime Sword Kuroah Yatogami Katana Former Vassel Kuroh

Every stunning detail on this K-Project sword replica combines with the masterful work of an artist and a craftsman. If you are a fan of the hit anime series, you would know exactly what this sword should look like, and the design of Saya, Tsuba, and Tsuka should match perfectly. If handling this sword, one of the first features to grab your attention is the Tsuba (hand guard) due to its extra wide size and shape, plus it features the unique wavy patterns engraved into the all metal guard.

Pros: Cons:
  • Exact replica from the anime.
  • All metal fittings and ornaments.
  • Engraved patterns in the blade.
  • Extra wide Tsuba (guard).
  • Blade is a little loose in the Saya.
  • Blade requires oil during storage for preservation.
  • Has no Sageo (cord wrap).

K-Project Anime Sword Kuroah Yatogami Katana Former Vassel Kuroh You can tell this sword is made strictly for cosplay and collectible purposes, since it is so accurate to the anime, plus the blade is not sharp and has half tang. This actually works to my advantage if I take it to a meet or cosplay event, since a sharpened sword must remain peace tied inside a sword bag. Since it is not sharp, I am able to take it out and show off the engraving on the blade.

The pattern featured on the blade is also visible on the saya, Tsuba, and also the pommel. It looks almost like two teardrop shapes, or a wave insignia, just like is featured in the anime series.


K-Project Anime Sword Kuroah Yatogami Katana Former Vassel Kuroh Since the build quality is as important to some people as the actual appearance, you might notice how I've already mentioned a few features above. For example, the only paint color used on the entire K-Project Kuroh sword replica is the dark blue, and it is automotive quality paint. All the fittings are solid metal with a brass appearance. The blade is made of real carbon steel, so it is more sturdy than the stainless types, but does require a little bit of oil before storing it. The Saya and Tsuka are both solid wood, with no plastic or anything like that. On the Tsuka (handle) you will notice the white faux rayskin, which is seamless, plus the black leather wrapping all around it.

Back to the blade. Pulling the blade out reveals a very nice carbon steel replica with the signature engraving just like in the anime. I like how the blade is just thick enough to be durable, but not so thick it becomes heavy. That is very important for me since I travel to shows and events with the sword. It has a natural steel sheen unique to carbon steel, and I think it adds some authenticity to the sword.


In the end, if you want an accurate replica of the K-Project sword carried by Kuroh Yatogami made with good materials, you should certainly buy this one. While it is not really a sword made to slay water bottles and bamboo mats, it will certainly take the hearts of onlookers and spectators once you reveal how truly awesome and accurate it is.

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