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Kenpachi Zarachi Lawless Zanpakuto Bleach Anime Sword

By Jersey-Joe, September 13, 2013

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Bleach Anime Kenpachi Zaraki Lawless Serrated Sword

"Sanity… what would I do with a useless thing like that?" -- Kenpachi Zarachi

Lusting for an evenly matched nemesis to fight and bring out his true inner strength, Kenpachi Zaraki needs only his natural fighting talent and strength to be victorious. Using his Lawless Zanpakuto, Kenpachi cuts down the Hollow and his enemies with unprecedented force. He has no fear in a fight, seeking out only the strongest warriors, and almost wishing to die in battle. This Lawless sword is the only accurate replica on the market that has Battle-worn Serrations on the blade, exactly as seen in the Bleach Anime.

Pros: Cons:
  • Battle-worn Blade Serrations
  • Fully Wrapped Nylon Handle & Saya
  • Exact Replica from Bleach Anime
  • High Carbon Steel Blade Material
  • Difficult to sharpen
  • Very Tight-fitting Scabbard
  • Bulky Weight, 2.3 Pounds
  • No Swords Stand Included

Bleach Anime Kenpachi Zaraki Lawless Serrated Sword Accurate replication of the Zanpakuto is key to design in this Bleach Kenpachi Zaraki sword. Starting with the excessively lengthy and slender blade. It has the Battle-worn cuts on the edge, appearing to be a very experienced, hardened, sword that could only have been carried by a God-like powerful fighter. Also, the two-tone finish on the High Carbon Steel blade adds a touch of Raw attitude for depicting a Zanpakuto that has been neglected by necessity due to Kenpachi being naturally stong.

The handle guard is all metal, unique only to Bleach anime's Kenpachi, it has an antiqued brass finish, but is all aluminum underneath. Kenpachi is a fighter that becomes stronger with every injury. A full sized guard is unnecessary for a fighter that wants to intimately feel the pain of each battle. The handle is completely wrapped with white nylon, along with the scabbard too. The nylon on the handle and scabbard is exactly the same. When sheathed, it could very well appear seamless, if not for the handle guard.


Caribbean Pirate Cutlass Sword Top notch materials are used to make this awesome cosplay sword. It uses High carbon steel and the edge is not sharp. Oil is applied to the steel to preserve it entirely, and we recommend keeping it oiled when on display or storing. Inside the nylon wrapped wooden scabbard lies a hefty layer of wax. The wax coating helps to keep the blade riding smooth and wet into the saya.

The guard and the pommel are cast out of zinc-aluminum alloy. These parts have an antiqued gold finishing to them and suit the theme of the product perfectly well. The guard almost has the shape of an 11-point star. The white nylon wrapping is thick and riveted 3 times on each end to keep it together no matter what happens.

Underneath the Ace-bandage-looking nylon wrap lies thick and sturdy rosewood for the handle and saya. Only the best-selected hand picked wood is used for this unique Bleach sword creation. By looking into the scabbard opening, you can see the character of the wood grain, and the pink coloration. Each end of the scabbard has a zinc-aluminum fitting with the antiqued finish.


Become the fearless Kenpachi Zarachi from Bleach and wield this Battle-hardened warriors sword to show off the awesomeness of raw fighting power. Lawless, the Zanpakuto which remains unreleased, is your tool of victory. This is the only Bleach replica with Battle-worn Serrations on the High Carbon Steel blade.

"Finished? It'll never be finished. A battle isn't like some stupid argument. As long as someone's still breathing, the fight isn't over." -- Kenpachi Zarachi