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League of Legends Bewitched Nidalee Spear

By Yugo505, July 22, 2015

1 Design

Nidalee, the famed champion known as the Beastial Huntress, utilizes this spear replica from the League game. Of the many skins available for Nid, this spear is mostly based on the Bewitched Nidalee skin, available in the Riot store. The carbon steel spear blade is shaped with a very unique and tribal-like design, with a narrow point and two large and curved portions. The finish on the blade is powder coated black and has a red painted tribal design from the game. Burgundy and yellow tassels adorn the top of the solid wooden shaft. Functionally, tassels were used to absorb blood before it could run down the shaft and cause slippery grip surface. This is a non-functioning replica spear, and ultimately, the tassel is all for show unless you plan to sharpen the blade.

Pros: Cons:
  • Carbon steel blade.
  • Highest quality finish and exact replica design.
  • Tall, 51.5 inches long.
  • Thick wooden shaft.
  • Lightweight design meant for display quality.
  • Unsharpened Cosplay replica.
  • Blade needs oil when in prolonged storage.


The blade is constructed of carbon steel, most likely 1045, or 0.45% carbon content steel. The very point is sharp and might pierce something, and the rest of the blade has a safety edge. The black powder coat is very precise and accurate, with a great finish quality, all strait and true lines. The red tribal pattern painted on could be a bit brighter red, yet I think it matches the color of the Burgundy tassel as-is. Considering the 1045 carbon steel does require oil to preserve the blade during storage, we recommend using something like 3-in-1 oil or at least some WD-40 if you want to stick it in storage.

Solid wood makes up the shaft and the blade tang does extend a few good inches into the wood. We can presume it uses some sort of really nice adhesive to hold it in place, but it has not been disassembled at our location for investigation. Never the less, this spear has a seamless and solid shaft that is finished in all satin black, and a very refined satin finish at that. Another great thing about the spears shaft is it is nice and thick, great for gripping it, measures in just under 35mm in thickness.

The tassels are all very nice nylon and provide a stunning appeal to the overall appearance on this spear. At the top of the shaft the burgundy nylon wraps around the shaft about 3 inches down, with a yellow tassel tied into the wrapping. At the base of the shaft is matching nylon tassel wrapped again, indicating the base. Rememeber, this is a tall spear and is over 51 inches long. On the very bottom of the pole shaft is a unique string nylon tassel that is a bit darker in color than the burgundy, but it fits in well with the overall skin and theme of Bewitched Nidalee.


Our favorite sexy Beastrial Huntress Nidalee has quite a stunning weapon in the hit game LoL and perhaps owning one of these spear replicas is the best connection you can have with the game. In fact, this spear is available only from SwordsAxe and will be one of the best iconic display pieces you can hang on the wall for other League fans to see. As you can tell from the pictures, the design is spot on and the finished quality is superb. Some fans have even purchased this spear for Cosplay and costumes.

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