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Greek Spartan Warrior Shield

By Riz the Wiz on July 1, 2013

Greek Spartan Warrior Shield

1 Design

If you go for replication then it's always best to keep the replica as close to the real thing in design and size as possible. This is defiantly the case here with the Spartan Shield shown here. Boasting a diameter of 24 inches this shield is well within the real life size range. Although size matters it is not the only thing of consequence.
Pros: Cons:
  • Authentic Size and Design
  • Weathered look and feel
  • Rubberized back
  • Aluminum Construct
  • Grip Designed for either hand
  • A little Heavy to carry around
  • No cut out to use with Spears
  • Needs a sturdy wall for hanging
  • Nylon Strap Could be more secure
Another equally important if not more so variable is the design. The design on this shield is very close to the real shield yielded by Spartan warriors. But this shield kicks it up a notch, it has a well-tempered dated and used look and feel to it. It seems like it has seen its fair share of battles and wars. There are slash marks in random locations upon its rims, to show where an enemy's blade may have made contact. And it has many small marks along its perimeter and along the V shaped design in the middle. These are meant to show wear and tear along with some water damage. Taken together the shield has a well-toned weathered design and a life size, well size. And these are the qualities one is usually looking for in a product like this.


Even if a product looks like the real thing, it could have such a bad construct that it is just not going to last long. Using good materials can make a good product into a great product. This Spartan shield does have some nice materials used. Using aluminum is always a gamble. Although a light metal it is nevertheless heavier than some alternatives like fiberglass and foam. While it makes the shield somewhat heavy, using aluminum also makes it way more durable and authentic looking. You just cannot get the metal look using anything other than a metal. Though using aluminum has its drawbacks as well. It makes the shield a bit heavy for carrying around for long periods like one would do at a cosplay convention or anime shows.

The inner end of this shield has a rubberized material over it. This is just pure gold thinking. Although it does make the shield heavier, it also makes it more usable in real life events like renaissance fairs and cosplay conventions. One can be sure that he/she would be protected even if they are hit fairly hard on the other end of the shield.

I do have a little issue with the wooden handle and nylon strap on the back. I think they could have gone with an aluminum handle and a better strap. As it is, it is definitely usable but also improvable.


So in the end I would like to say that if you are looking for replica shield which has an authentic feel but would not break your bank, then this Greek Spartan Shield get the job done. It has some nice construction materials, amazing weathered look and it's reasonably priced. Although it can be heavy at times especially for small kids and flimsy walls.

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