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Ambidextrous Steel Teardrop Crusader Shield

By Chowser, January 10th, 2017


Steel Teardrop Shield

Teardrop Shields were one of the main shield types used by cavalry during the medieval period. The design is a variation of the more widely used kite shield, which was a favorite among many types of military divisions. The tapered bottom of the teardrop shape provided more maneuverability due to it being less obtrusive while mounted. Cavalry units could position the pointed bottom to defend their legs, and in addition could use the point as a weapon in a pinch.

This all metal shield is a very nice example of the kinds of teardrop shields that might have been used by knights and cavalry during the crusades. If you are in the market for an authentic looking, functional crusader shield, this just might be you last stop. To give you a better idea of what this baby has in store, here is a full-length review of its pros and cons.


One of the great things about this design is that it is possible to use it ambidextrously. It isn’t perfect because the upper arm strap for the left-handed grip is the only one that is adjustable, so with a right-handed grip the strap might be too tight for heavy armor, or for larger individuals. However, it is very difficult to find ambidextrous or right-handed shield at all, so I am pleased that this one is at least somewhat accommodating.

For a full metal shield, it is lighter than you might imagine, weighing in at around 6 Lb. 5 Oz. The all metal design also means this shield is sturdy, while not impervious to damage, it would certainly take some hefty blows to wreck this shield. The finish on the surface could be scuffed and marred however, so if the battle worn look is not your thing, then engaging in battle with this shield might not be your best plan (although that is the case with pretty much any shield).

The shoulder strap is an awesome addition to this replica, as large shield like this can be somewhat cumbersome to carry over long periods. If you need to walk a long distance, and you don’t think you will need your shield immediately, simply sling it over your shoulder and you’re off. Also, adds back protection when two-handed sword wielding is appropriate.

Pros: Cons:
  • Sturdy full metal design.
  • Ambidextrous possibilities.
  • Adjustable Shoulder strap.
  • Authentic looking hammered finish.
  • Beautifully curved shape.
  • No certificate of authenticity.
  • Only left upper-arm strap is adjustable.
  • Paint finish could be scratched in combat.
  • No excuse to buy a new shield for a long time.

Steel Teardrop Shield Back View


The majority of this shield is made of hand hammered steel with a paint finish in silver and red on the front, and black on the back. The steel boss is attached to the body of the shield with four steel rivets, and seems very secure. The genuine leather straps are attached to the shield with rectangular steel rings which have rivets, and appear to be welded as well. Everything about this shield seems very sturdy and well built.

From end to end this shield is approximately 39.5 inches, and it has a width of around 20 inches. The stainless-steel boss is about 2 inches tall with a full diameter of around 6.5 inches. Because of the curved shape the shield has a depth of about 5 inches including the boss.


This is an awesome replica with historical significance, and it is crafted with stunning detail. Everything about it is high-quality and sturdy. It is crafted to last through LARPing and cosplay alike, and it is an investment that would likely not need to be replaced for centuries if properly cared for. This item is a best buy for anyone looking for an authentic looking, functional crusader shield with maximum versatility. You would be hard pressed to find its equal.

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