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Viking Norse Warrior Battle Ready Sword

By Yugo505, August 9, 2014

1 Design

Just as it was in the Viking Age, has forged and produced an exact functional replica of the Viking Warrior sword that would have been used historically. Viking warriors carried their sword in one hand, and a shield or second weapon in the other hand. Thus a tight grip was important, plus a wide pommel aided in keeping that valuable sword in hand. The blade was certainly wide, usually 2-3 inches tapered in width, with a deep fuller running almost full length on the blade. This fuller was part of the genius design that gave the Viking sword its powerful presence in a battle. It lightened the blade significantly, plus it required extra forging, hammering, heating, and cooling to generate just the right size fuller. Fuller width would be approximately 1 inch across, and 2-3 millimeters deep.

Pros: Cons:
  • High carbon spring steel.
  • Accurately made fuller.
  • Peened full tang.
  • 1:1 Sized historically accurate.
  • Will not make your Viking beard grow faster.
  • Causes unintended victories.
  • Your adversaries will fear you.


Historically, the sword carried by the Viking was the mark of a warrior who fought to the death in battles during the Viking Age. True Viking swords were difficult and expensive to make at the time of the Viking warrior, and often were highly prized for the unique features and capabilities unrivaled by any other weapons. For example, the steel was foundry in a manner that produced high amounts of carbon content, and a steel which had a high tensile strength. Upon powerfully thrusting at a hardened shield, the sword was able to flex momentarily and spring back to its original shape. This characteristic is often the result of high carbon spring steel, a steel that is imperative for a functional Viking sword.

Similarly, the edge of the Viking warrior sword also carried the flexible spring steel characteristics. Once sharpened to the desired sharpness and angle, the Viking sword could be directly struck on the edge by swords, axes, spears, and other devices of war and still remain sharp and true. The edge of a Viking warrior sword was sharp enough to cut through leather armor, but would microscopically flex upon contacting steel like a spring. Iron weapons would dull under these conditions, but the edge of a Viking sword would retain its edge long after a battle has been won. As such, the Viking Norse Battle Ready Sword is forged to result in the same manner. Imagine, a sword you can sharpen once and never worry about again?

You might have noticed the handle guard or hilt of this Viking sword is made of steel too. That is purely for the functionality of the sword, as such, this sword is battle ready. Also it features a hardwood handle that is wrapped with a wax coated and formed cord that provides ample grip. The wide pommel is custom carved to reproduce the shape and design of a historically accurate Viking sword. You will find the tang of the sword is 100% full tang, and peened to the pommel. If you ever buy a European sword that is truly battle ready, it will have a peened tang that is basically forged to the handle or pommel.

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What you get with this Viking Norse Sword is a fully functional, battle ready, historically accurate replica, that you can pass down through generations, and is capable of any sword cutting task known to man. Become that Viking Conqueror you know rests deep within you. Buy this Viking sword forged with high carbon spring steel and fully forged fuller today.

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