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The Walking Dead Katana Replica

By Yugo505, February 20, 2015

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The Walking Dead Katana Michonne

Centered around the featured TV series from AMC, The Walking Dead, this zombie slaying Katana sword is carried by Michonne, often jokingly referred to as the Samurai. The great thing about slaying zombies with a sword is it is quiet and requires no ammunition. Michonne's sword is wrapped fully in Cordura Leather both brown and white. The white wrapping on the Saya matches the same pattern as the white wrapping on the handle. Also there is a back strap made of brown or tan Cordura Leather which looks just like in the TV series, and is adjustable. I tried it on and it felt very secure and still allowed me free range of motion. Drawing the blade I first noticed an engraving of the Biohazard symbol, which happens to be in the TV show as well. An inverted Biohazard insignia appears on the Tsuba, Fuchi, and Kashira as well, enhancing the design and appearance. Most notably, I really like how the entire Saya is covered in leather, but I was curious what is underneath all the leather, so I investigated and found the Saya is hardwood with a cherry red finish.

Pros: Cons:
  • Entirely wrapped in Cordura Leather.
  • Stunning full size replica quality.
  • Not dangerous, safety edge, unsharpened.
  • It is from The Walking Dead.
  • No serialized certificate included.
  • Long, enough, but an inch shorter than Michonne's.
  • Kashira may be glued to Tsuka.


The Walking Dead Katana Michonne The blade is made entirely of non-forged 1045 carbon steel, and is built for display purposes only. I suppose that anything forged and Cordura-wrapped would have to cost upwards of $300, yet this sword is sub-$100 range. At the very least, it is better than stainless steel, but the 1045 steels need to have some oil applied to the blade to keep them from oxidizing during storage. The Tsuba (hand guard) is made of solid metal and seems quite strong while remaining true to the nature of the theme. It has a refined antiqued finish like a dark silver or dark platinum appearance.

The blade is mounted well into the solid hardwood handle, and features a single peg (Mekugi) to secure the tang nicely. The Tsuka (handle) is wrapped in black faux rayskin with white Cordura Leather on top to give it that solid feel and tight grip. A gold ornament (Menuki) is laced into the handle as well, shining and sparkling in the light.

The Saya, while wrapped in white and tan, is actually hardwood and has a glossy cherry red finish under all the dressings. If you watch the show, you will see it is exactly the same, and is even more impressive in person. Kashira (butt cap, pommel) is also solid metal with the dark silver or dark platinum finish and has an inverted Biohazard on there. Unfortunately, I feel like the Kashira is glued onto the handle, since the Cordura Leather does not seem very tight where it loops through the Kashira. Usually, the Kashira is held tight by the handle wrapping as it covers the wooden handle, but in this case you cannot visually tell how it is fastened or secured. Never the less, it is solid in construction and build quality is exemplary.

The Walking Dead Katana Michonne


Overall this is the best Walking Dead replica sword you can buy for under eighty bucks, and it features all the same quality and design as the TV show portrays. If you want a functional sword, you can go and buy the Sugoi Steel brand, but if you want a really nice show piece, something like Michonne's Katana is a perfect example.

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