Roman Era Swords

The Romans had great excellence in military and battles. Although the main aspect of the roman army was their superior amour, the weapons that they used were also a cause of the success in battles. Not only were the weapons used during a battle,but they were also used by the gladiators in the Colosseum. These gladiators were provided with deadly roman weapons to fight to death for the entertainment of the people of Rome. The most famous weapon of the Roman Era was the gladius, which was the symbol of Roman weapons.

Some Roman era swords at swordsaxe:

Roman Gladiator Warrior Broad Sword: The sword of the ancient Rome’s most toughest and roughest warriors. The broad swords is huge in size and has immense strength. The sword's handle is finished with silver. Evoke your warrior spirit by getting this gladiator warrior broad sword from swordsaxe.

Imperial Roman Gladiator Sword: This is a compact but sharp gladius sword, used in short battles by the gladiators of the Colosseum. It has a molded pewter handle, which allows the user to equip and handle the sword easily. The sheath that comes with this sword has two options, either black or burgundy. The marks and design on the sword is highly detailed and the sheath is beautiful and looks elegant. This beautiful sword is an excellent gift for your friends or family.

Get the swords of the Roman Era from swordsaxe and summon the gladiator within you.

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