Scandinavian Armor Barbute Viking Helmet 10oz Thick Cordura LARP Replica

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Become a Viking warlord and conquer the known world by force, and control the trading routes across the water. This helmet style mimics a 15th century medieval armor helmet also seen in southern Europe and Rome or Italy. The thickest available Cordura leather (10oz or 4mm thick) is used in overlapping portions with steel rivets for durable and padded construction. While it is popular in the LARP community, this helmet is sometimes seen being worn under a steel helmet, or just on it's own. Ren-Fair goers love the comfort of this faux leather helmet and enjoy the weight and flexibility of the materials. You can wear it with a cotton padded coif, or without. Size is designed for average adult sized heads, please refer to the outer circumference of 26 inches around for fitment.

Each helmet is constructed of the thickest Cordura available at the time and made completely by hand. Each piece will vary slightly in dimensions, color, shape, fitment, construction, and other specifications.

Overall Height: 11 Inches
Circumference: 26 Inches
Designation: European Medium Armor, Riveted Enhanced, 15th Century Barbute, Nasal Guard
Materials: Heavy Duty Cordura, Faux Leather, Overlapped, Steel Rivets
Cordura Thickness: 4mm, or 10 Ounce, or 5/32 %Inch, or 0.156 Inch
Helmet Weight: 15.7oz (less than a pound)
Size: Fits Adult Sizes
Fastening Type: N/A
Cheek Guard: 7 Inches
Color: Satin Flat Black
*All measures are approximate*
Item Number:   LWH03A  

Shipping/Package Specifications
Length: 0
Width: 0
Height: 0
Pounds: 2
Ounces: 0.00000
*note: weight & dimensions are for shipping and estimation.

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