Sugoi Steel™ Shogun Senshi 1060 Handforged Carbon Steel Functional Katana Samurai Sword

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Warning: This sword is battle ready and sharpened. Please be careful unboxing. Not a toy!

Shgun Senshi is a sword reminiscent of the classical period of Japan, and perhaps of Edo as well. A sword like this was used by the Samurai class in the warring states period, purely for it's cutting power and destructive force. This particular version is the Bohi type with Yokote, making the blade a seamless edge for effortless slicing. While this version is packaged with an introductory sharpness for safety, it can be finely and easily sharpened with an average whetstone until the edge is like a razor. What is unique about the Bohi Yokote design, it features no ridge on the blade. Because of the lack of ridge, all cuts are smooth and light, requiring little effort. The difference from a standard katana is realized with different cutting techniques and styles. The blade features a Bohi, which is a groove running the length of the blade.

The Shgun Senshi katana is ideal for high rates of speed, cutting quickly and with precision. It differs (via Yokote & Bohi) from standard katana blade design because it does not require large amounts of strength and brute force to make a clean cut. This advantage will setup any user with excellent results and provide the performance of much more expensive katana.

Overall Length (with Saya): 41.25 Inches
Blade Length (with Habaki): 28.5 Inches
Blade Material: 1060 High Carbon Steel, Fold-Forging
Blade Processing: Proprietary Process, Hardened, Forge Heat Cycling, Folded
Blade Edge: Bohi, Yokote (Flat w/o Ridge), Can be Sharpened
Blade Sharpness: Sharp Enough to Cut, Can be Sharpened to Razor Edge
Blade Hardness: 52-58 HRC
Blade Thickness: 7mm
Blade Features: Bohi Produces Less Drag for Cleaner Cuts
Hamon: Wire Brush Crosshatch
Tang: Full Tang, Dual Mekugi (peg), 9 Inches, 1060 Steel
Tsuka (Handle): True Hardwood, Wrapped
Tsuba: Handcrafted Brass, Shogun Warrior Rendition
Same Tsuka Ito (Handle Wrap): Genuine White Rayskin Wrap, Silk Braid Wrap
Pommel: Real Brass, Handcrafted Warrior Rendition
Saya (Scabbard): Hardwood, Flat Black, Textured Finish
Includes: Silk Sword Bag, Peace Tied
Item Number:   BR-009  

Shipping/Package Specifications
Length: 48
Width: 4
Height: 4
Pounds: 10
Ounces: 0.00000
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