Functional Straitblade Ninja Katana Stealth Blowgun Combo

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Authentic 1060 High Carbon Steel is used on this functional full tang straitblade katana, and the steel is also put through a dipping, heating, and cooling process to further harden the steel. It features a traditional ninja tanto style with the double cutting edge and sharp point. However, this is a fully functional sword the blade edge is very sharp and capable of cutting tests. During the heating and cooling of the 1060 High Carbon steel blade, it is dipped in a proprietary solution that helps colorize the blade in a black sheen and improve hardness. It is not powder coated, anodize, or painted, but instead dipped and hardened! The full tang goes through 90% of the handle and is pegged with 7mm rivets. It can be disassembled for cleaning if so desired.

The Habaki (collar) is all metal and fits to match the blade, individually, by hand crafting. Tsuba (guard) is made of a solid piece of steel that is 4.75mm thick, 3.5 inches by 2.625 inches wide. The hardwood Tsuka (handle) fits to the blade by large, removable pins (rivets), and is covered in faux ray skin, then wrapped in black cord (Tsuka ito). The all metal pommel is also black. The Saya (scabbard) is made of hardwood and finished in a texture with both flat black and semi-gloss black, giving it a wet look. Attached to the Saya is the functional .30 caliber blowgun, made of solid aluminum pipe powder coated flat black. Also, 12 darts are fixed to the Saya quiver, which are steel with a rubber backing. The blowgun and quiver are fixed by rubber straps, and can be removed if desired. Generally, firing the blowgun is easiest with it attached to the saya. All of the kit comes with a sword bag for protection.

Overall Length: 40.25 Inches
Blade Length: 28.375 Inches
Blade Material: 1060 High Carbon Steel
Blade Processing: Dipped, Heat Treated, Hardened
Blade Sharpness: Very Sharp, Angled Edge Present
Blade Thickness: 8mm
Tsuba Dimensions: 4.75mm, 3.5 Inches, 2.625 Inches
Tsuba Material: Hardened Carbon Steel
Tsuka Length: 11.5 Inches
Same   Tsuka Ito: Faux Ray Skin, Cord Wrapped
Tang Length: Appx. 10 Inches
Saya: Hardwood, Flat & Semi-Gloss Finish, 30 Inches
Blowgun: Aluminum, 29 Inches
Darts: 12 Count, Steel, .30 Caliber
Includes: Fine Cloth Sword Bag & Black Sageo
Item Number:   RFS-9447A  

Shipping/Package Specifications
Length: 48
Width: 6
Height: 6
Pounds: 8
Ounces: 0.00000
*note: weight & dimensions are for shipping and estimation.

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