Sugoi Steel™ Reverse Blade Shikomizue Koshirae Forged 1060 Damascus Steel Katana Sword

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1060 Damascus high carbon steel has been folded through forging, heating, hammering, cooling, heating again, etc. What better way to make a classic Samurai katana that is both functional and beautiful? You can see the folds in the steel, creating layers upon layers of carbon-nanotube infused steel cutting power. This sword is from the Sugoi Steel brand lineup, and has all the awesome power of custom blacksmithing.

The Shikomizue Koshirae is a method of sword mounting that appears seamlessly as a single piece with the Saya. It has it's origins in Meiji Era Japan. At that time, Samurai swords were outlawed, warriors would carry bokken to duel, and sometimes the bokken would contain a blade inside. Hence the origins of this famous sword mounting. Right before the Meiji Era was the Bakumatsu, ending the Edo period and Shogunate. A key player in the Bakumatsu was the Battosai, who was known as the single strongest warrior of the time and had killed so many men he made a vow to never kill again. As legend has it, the Battosai lived up to his word and also carried a reverse blade sword which was sharpened on the opposite side. This reverse blade sword was a perfect tool for the Battosai, allowing him to continue the path of Bushido, yet never kill again.

Overall Length (with Saya): 44 Inches
Blade Length (with Habaki): 28.5 Inches
Blade Material: 1060 High Carbon Steel, Fold-Forging
Blade Processing: Proprietary Process, Hardened, Forge Heat Cycling, Folded
Blade Edge: Bohi, Yokote (Flat w/o Ridge), Can be Sharpened
Blade Sharpness: Very Sharp, Can be Sharpened to Razor Edge
Blade Hardness: 52-58 HRC
Blade Thickness: 7.25mm
Blade Features: Bohi Produces Less Drag for Cleaner Cuts
Hamon: Wire Brushed Hamon
Tang: Full Tang, Dual Mekugi (peg), 9 Inches, 1060 Steel
Tsuka (Handle): True Hardwood
Tsuba: Not Present
Saya (Scabbard): Hardwood, Wood Finished
Includes: Katana, Saya, Sword Bag, Peace Tied
Item Number:   BR-005  

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Length: 48
Width: 8
Height: 8
Pounds: 6
Ounces: 0.00000
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