Sugoi Steel™ Heavenly Takama-Ga-Hara Amatsukami Katana Battle Ready Sword

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Kami is the translation of God, and Amatsukami are descendants of Heaven that have come to this plain of existence to pacify or purify the world. These Amatsukami may have used force or other means to bring an end to conflicts and even historical era's as well. A powerful blade such as this Japanese Sugoi Steel Katana would be needed to fight the evil spirits which influenced man and the world.

Each Sugoi Steel™ blade is forged 1060 high carbon steel and sharpened unto a razors edge, some of which you might even be able to shave with. The full tang is typically 9 to 9.75 inches long and fixed to the hardwood handle with two bamboo or wooden Mekugi pegs. This Heavenly Katana has a solid cast metal guard and a hardwood Saya that is finished like a fine piano in high gloss black. Comes with a black cloth sword bag.

Overall Length (with Saya): 41.25 Inches
Blade Length (with Habaki): 28.85 Inches
Blade Material: 1060 High Carbon Steel, Fold-Forging
Blade Processing: Proprietary Process, Hardened, Forge Heat Cycling, Folded
Blade Edge: Bohi, Yokote (Flat w/o Ridge), Can be Sharpened
Blade Sharpness: Very Sharp, Can be Honed to Razor Edge
Blade Hardness: 52-58 HRC
Blade Thickness: 7.5mm
Blade Features: Bohi Produces Less Drag for Cleaner Cuts
Hamon: Wire Brushed Hamon
Tang: Full Tang, Dual Mekugi (peg), 9.125 Inches, 1060 Steel
Tsuka (Handle): True Hardwood, Wrapped in White Cotton Ito & Black Faux Rayskin
Tsuba: Solid Cast Metal, Black & Gold Oxide Finish, Round w 2 Holes
Same Tsuka Ito (Handle Wrap): White Color Cotton, Black Faux Rayskin
Pommel: Solid Metal, Handcrafted, Custom Design
Saya (Scabbard): Hardwood, High Gloss Black Piano Finish
Sageo: Matching Black
Includes: Katana, Saya, Sword Bag, Utility Knife
Extra Features: 1060 HC Steel Utility Knife Housed in the Saya
Item Number:   BR-011  

Shipping/Package Specifications
Length: 48
Width: 6
Height: 6
Pounds: 7
Ounces: 0.00000
*note: weight & dimensions are for shipping and estimation.

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