Swords Care

Swords have always been recommended by the people whenever it comes to decorating the house or office. As the swords plays an important role in beautifying our house in a same way they should also be given special care in return. But there are certain people who are not aware of the fact that swords also need special care and cleanliness because it is their beauty which decorates your house and office. This article focuses the attention of the people towards the concern and esteem of keeping their decorative weapons in such a way so that they would always be with you for a longer period of time. Most of the countries have a desire of keeping the swords with them even when there is no war to fight and as a result they face certain damages and crashes which may appear in their swords. Every sword collector should read this informative and well explain article in order to collect information that how to properly maintained the condition of swords for longer period of time. Whether it be a sleek katana, an efficient ninja sword or a massive medieval sword, all swords need our attention.

One of the most important steps in the swords is the consciousness. No doubt that we are always in a state to fight and imagine our self in warring ground and start swinging our swords and by doing so someone may get hurt without any reason. Therefore, if we are anxious to learn swinging the swords than we should select such a place where no single person is present or which is un-crowded place and swords must never be practice without proper training otherwise we may hurt our self in return. The absence of training army causes the swords to slip from your hands and may hurt some other person in return. Moreover, there are many people in our society who watches anything on the television and consider it to the part of their life as a reality. Those people who watches theatre plays on war and often see a warrior striking his sword hard with some sword and don’t get hurt and as a result the person applies the same technique at home. The swords used in the plays are made of thick material and are especially designed to make the people feel as if they are watching reality but the swords used in wars are not of such material they are made up of special steel and in case we strike it on some hard object it can surely be harmful for us in return. The people who are curious to have the swords training has to distinguish between the real and fake swords. Additionally swords have a unique pointed tips but the steel can be broken with wood. In case you hit your sword on some wooden material it will make the pointed tips and blades of your swords to curve and their entire shape will be rusted. As we already know that Japanese believe in practice so they mostly have a special practice before using the swords under the expert trainers and in case they need to hit the sword to a tree they mostly recommend a thick bamboo tree for that purpose as the bamboo wood would not be able to damage the swords blades.

In order to keep the swords remain fixed on their real shape and value it is certainly important to follow up some major measures which are important for the further beautification of the swords. Most of the swords which arrive at you from the factory are also provided with special grease oil thinner which is used to safe the blades during practice. As during the practice the swords often lose their new look and get into a damage shape. Thinner is often applied to remove the grease on the old swords. After that a silicone spray is provided to the sword which removes all kinds of dust and rust on the swords and gives back its old new look. But the oil will work in a much better way if you keep on using the swords for a longer period of time and that too over and over again. But there are numerous swords which have a wooden handles and for those swords special lemon oil is given to avoid future cracking. Maximum rust and dirt can be removed from the sword with the help of unique chemicals but in case you show unconsciousness in using the sword it can lead to smash up so special steps has to be kept in mind all the time to avoid future damage. If in such situations you apply oil on the blades of your swords and you start touching the blades to check whether the oil absorb or not than it will not work properly because the oil will no longer remain on the blades so it’s better to avoid touching the blade after applying the oil and thinner on it. In case you are in favor of displaying the sword for the decoration purposes than the use of spray lacquer would be the best option as it will make the sword look much shiner and brighter. As the tips of swords are made up of steel than there are two methods which are used to clean the dust and moisture from the blades and these are chemicals and abrasion. A sword cleaning kit is also easily available which provides you with the oil along with the cotton which slightly vanish the dust and moisture on the sword. You just need to rub the oil with the help of cotton and the blades which will easily absorb the oil and cleans the sword. This kit can simply be obtainable from your nearest local automotive store and they can further provide the information which is important for the swords safety. In most of the markets scabbard are also readily available in which swords are kept at a safer side and these covers has to be washed with oil mixture but the sword should only be kept in the cover when the mixture is dried otherwise the result may occurs in a form of scratches and certain dark spots on the sword blades. 

In case if the kit is not available in the market than you can go ahead to try the acids on the blades. As acids is the most severe procedure and needs special precautionary measures so you must start with the lemon process and in case the lemon acid doesn’t work properly than after that tries some strong acid which can show you much better results. A strong HCL acid will make the dust and rust to remove within the seconds but there is certain dangerous in it as it will leave many dark spots on the blade which will give a dull look on its presence. Electrolysis is one of the most famous processes for rust removing as it is considered to be a longer process and it takes several hours of waiting but it will surely works and separates the oxygen and zinc molecules which will further assist you to remove the rusting material from the sword and give back its shiner look and image. Copper is also one of the highly recommended ones for the swords cleaning and is one of the unique ways for removing the rust as it is softer than the iron so there is no danger of having scratches on the blades. In a same way iron wire brushes also work in a same way as the special wires are made up of iron and make the dust and moisture to remove back from the blades. Polishing the swords can also be very helpful but special measures are to be need for its polishing as it may leave back scratches and damage to your valuable sword. Some of the people have a misconception that the swords which are kept in museums are safely protected under the suitable humidity temperature and it is impossible to maintain such a temperature at home due to which the swords will lost their real shape with the passage of time but that’s not true anymore because if we observe than the swords are fully kept in shoe cased process in the museums and we can have the same temperature of the museums at home by keeping the swords in some wooden transparent cupboard as it will also help you to save the swords from dust and moisture. Most importantly you must keep the swords away from the children as they have a less know-how about these swords and they put a certain scratches on the swords by hitting them on the walls or they might hurt themselves. But in case we are not having a desire to show case it in front of the people than the best way to save it from the rust and moisture is to buy a sword bag which is uniquely designed for the swords. It is necessary to keep the swords blade clean with the special clove oil for scent with the help of cotton. There are also some other oils such as the oils used in sewing machines can also be used for this purpose. 

Cosmoline is considered to be best way or product for securing the swords from rust or dust. Cosmoline is a type of Vaseline which was used in older times for the purpose of keeping the swords clean but this process is not recommended in today’s century but undoubtedly it will seems to be an ugly material to touch but it fully removes the rust and moisture material from your swords. Wax coating is another option. It is also used on your cars but it is not fully known that whether it will remove the stains from your sword or not and in case if it removes the spots than there is no guarantee that for how long the stains will remain disappear from the swords. In such situations the particular automotive local stores from where you buy the oil can provide you the best information for the time period and the proper application procedure on the swords. One of the last step is to apply clear vanish. Rub it on your sword blades with the help of cotton but make sure that there are no more finger prints on the swords otherwise the effort of applying the oil will go waste and it will absorb on your fingers. These are important steps or tips for maintaining the condition or shape of swords for longer period of time and sword collector can save his/her money. In other words, purchasing antique and traditional sword is the best investment.

On reaching the conclusion in the light of above discussion it would not be wrong to say that like other things swords also need special precautionary measures when it comes to its cleanness. This article has put forward some of the unique techniques in order to help the people to take care of their swords and realize their importance as it is the swords which beautify their house and make it eye-catching for everyone.  We hope that after reading this informative article every sword collector would appreciate his or her swords even more.