Here’s how it works:

Whenever you make a purchase of $50* or more at, we will send a $10 SwordsAxe Cash™ certificate with your purchase.

Each SwordsAxe Cash™ certificate has a unique code, which can be redeemed during a subsequent checkout at for the value indicated on the certificate.

SwordsAxe Cash™ increases with each purchase of $50*:

Redeem your SwordsAxe Cash™:

  1. Make your shopping selections as normal.
  2. When you are finished shopping, proceed through the checkout page to the payment page.
  3. In the field titled “Gift Certificate” enter the code from your SwordsAxe Cash™ certificat.
  4. Click apply.
  5. Enjoy the savings! Your SwordsAxe Cash™ discount should now be applied!

SwordsAxe Cash™ is redeemable only at SwordsAxe Cash™ certificate codes are valid for 30 days from the date of the original purchase, after which point they will be voided. SwordsAxe Cash™ is not a legal Tender, and cannot be refunded for cash. During a SwordsAxe Cash™ promotion period customers will receive a $10 SwordsAxe Cash™ certificate for every $50 spent in a single transaction. SwordsAxe Cash™ is earned on the amount of customer purchases after all applicable discounts have been applied, and before shipping fees and taxes are imposed. SwordsAxe Cash™ will be applied prior to all percent-off discounts. If a merchandise purchase which earned SwordsAxe Cash™ is subsequently returned and/or price adjusted for any reason, the value of the SwordsAxe Cash™ certificate previously earned will be adjusted to reflect any unearned value. Return value of merchandise purchased with a SwordsAxe Cash™ certificate may be subject to adjustment.

Some sales and discounts may be excluded from generating SwordsAxe cash™.

Wholesale and Dropship orders are not eligible for SwordsAxe Cash™.

*Shipping and tax will not be considered when calculating eligibility for SwordsAxe Cash™.