Top Five Battle Ready & Functional Swords Ranked by Best Selling, Best Quality, and More.

By Yugo505, July 21, 2015

Judging each sword critically with minimum criteria of the sword capable of functioning in a Battle where you might trust your life to your weapon, or by customer testing and reviews, here is a top 5 list of the most functional swords available right now.

1 Kawashima Steel

Naturally occurring iron from a sacred river sand converted to 1095 high carbon steel via large crucible is then folded and forged in Japan to make just one single high quality battle ready blade at a time. Famous sword maker Kawashima (once a pair of brothers, now just one master blade maker) has finally begun forging these awesome and powerful blades again, and in limited quantity. Each blade has been differentially heat treated and features a beautifully unique clay tempered Hamon with push-polish method. Ultimately, when buying a Kawashima Steel Katana, you are paying for the actual steel blade rather than the accessories. To save money, the Japanese-forged blades are shipped from the Japanese underground to china where they are fitted with hardwood handles with a genuine stingray skin Same Tsuka Ito silk wrap on top. Matching Kashira, Tsuba, and Fuchi are also assembled along with a hardwood Saya, silk bag, wooden box, display stand, maintenance kit, and a pamphlet on basic Katana information.

Kawashima Steel is simply the best maker of all the functional swords available under $5,000, and so this top spot is reserved for all makes of Kawashima Steel since they are all built around the same Japanese forged blades. Initial impressions from a buyers point of view are often times incredible, for many buyers this is the first time they have ever handled a real Japanese Katana. As many Katana experts know, the Hamon of the blade can speak a lot for it's forging method and quality. You will see on a Kawashima Steel katana the Hamon is non-symmetrical and has a folding pattern consisting of layers of steel stacked during the making of this blade. Since the demand for true Japanese forged steel has gone up, we were able to meet that demand without the high costs of registering a sword made in Japan. By executing the loophole of having just the blade made in Japan, the sword does not require the highly-taxed registration and so we are able to offer these Katana at prices affordable to the general public. Similar Katana that have been registered in Japan can cost $8,000 or even more than that.
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2 Cold Two Handed Great Sword Functional 1060 Forged Steel European Claymore

While this massive 65.5 inch sword sounds completely unwieldy, it has swept across the sword buyers population en-mass. For reason explained by customers such as "It is the exact same sword produced by Albion Swords", or "This is the Dane's Sword, only it costs about $1,000 less than what Albion charges". While there is no official claim from the manufacturer that this sword is at all the same as one made by another company, customers have commented on how much they love this giant high carbon spring steel functional brute. The tang of the blade is forged to the steel pommel in a process called 'peening', then the excess is polished off.

One customer had commented that the blade seems a bit wobbly at the end during a cut since it is so long, but it is forged from a steel designed to flex when reaching its limits, rather than break, splinter, or bend. According to the manufacturer, this sword blade can bend over 45 degrees and return back to original shape, or greater, though this test has not been performed by SwordsAxe personnel. For functional quality, the Two Handed Great Sword has no limits to it's ability to perform flawlessly during the stresses of a medieval battle. About the only sword that can compete with this leviathan is possibly a Scottish Claymore, which is the basis of the Danish Two Handed Greatsword design.
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3 Sugoi Steel Reverse Blade Shikomizue Koshirae Forged 1060 Damascus Steel Katana Sword

From the SwordsAxe mid to high-ranged lineup comes this folded high carbon steel Reverse Bladed Katana. Not only is the blade unique in being sharpened on the opposite side, but the Katana mounting style is that of plain hardwood, or Shikomizue Koshirae. Some anime fans have related this to the Rurouni Kenshin Katana, but it is so much more than that. The cutting power of this sword is intense and flip it over and you can hammer against an object without cutting if you so please. Some customers refer to this type of steel as Damascus Steel, while this is technically a misnomer, it is similar just in that both are folded into many many layers of steel. For these, Katanas, they are usually folded into about 4,000 layers before completion.

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4 Vikings Norse Raider Valhalla Battle Sword 1060 Spring Steel Functional Ready

Similar in handcrafted quality to the Danish-styled Great Sword listed at the #2 spot, this is a Viking replica made with the same quality, if not better. It, too, features a peened tang and fully functional high carbon spring steel blade. The guard and pommel are also steel, plus this one is battle ready, sharp, with a functional fuller which lightens and balances the blade without compromising the cutting power.

Viking (Danish: Vikinger; Faroese: Víkingur; Icelandic: Víkingar; Norwegian: Vikinger; Nynorsk: Vikingar; Swedish: Vikingar) are the Old Norse, whom raided lands all across Europe during the dark ages (8th to 11th AD). At first, they possessed inferior iron swords and axes. Later, they learned of better quality steels they could increase their battle strength. After learning of the potential of better steel, the Vikings of Eastern Europe began to trade with Asian countries including Persia and those whom used the silk road. Eventually, the Vikings found a very powerful steel, now known as Crucible Steel. Crucible steel would flex without breaking or splitting and the Vikings would have this steel for their famous swords like this one.
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5 1060 High Carbon Steel 57 Inch Functional Japanese Dragon Odachi

Another Leviathan of swords, this Japanese-style sword is called an Odachi, similar to a Tachi, yet with a longer blade and handle. It is a full tang behemoth capable of cutting a zombie in half in a single motion. These swords are sharp, battle ready, and elegant in design. If you had a battle between function and form over this sword, it might reach a critical tie.

Simply put by Scott from Canada (5-Star Review):
"Amazing. Worth the money - solid build, symmetrical adornments, feels heavy. Worth every penny. Excellent guard design. The Dragon Odachi is almost as tall as this purchaser. The scabbard is quality wood, simple and unmarred. The amply thick leather strap/buckle is also simple/straightforward. Elegant and grand. And massive."

The Dragon Odachi is probably the least spoken of sword on this list, but is likely a contender for the top 3. While it has not been purchased quite as often, it has satisfied 100 percent of the buyers, that is every single buyer we have contacted about their impressions of this Odachi have told us how shocked and impressed they are.