Top Five Swords for Slaying Dragons, Balerion, Worms, and more!

By Yugo505, April 26, 2016

Functional, robust, and well above average.


With all this talk about zombie killing knives and zombie killing machetes, it seems like everyone's forgetting about dragons. Dragons don't slowly shamble towards you, they fly, breathe fire, and have jaws the size of school buses. So to better prepare ourselves and you for the dragon apocalypse, we've compiled this list of the 5 best swords for dragon slaying.

Here is the Top 5 List of Swords for Slaying Dragons!

1. 1060 High Carbon Steel 57 Inch Functional Japanese Dragon Odachi

While it may be a cutting weapon instead of a thrusting weapon, this sword's size and heft should give it more than enough power to cleave through the dragon's scales and do some serious damage. Made of 1060 high carbon steel and with a blade length of 35.25 inches, you can be sure this sword won't shatter as you slay Balerion, and with a 22 inch handle you'll be able to put a lot of power behind your swings. Plus, it's called dragon, so that's gotta be worth something.


2. Vikings Norse Raider Valhalla Battle Sword 1060 Spring Steel Functional Ready

Now we've gotten into the thrusting weapons, so you can stab right through your dragon foe's heart. With a 29.75 inch blade you should be more than able to puncture the dragon's heart, and the 1060 high carbon steel will make sure the blade stays together in your hands as you send the next dragon to Valhalla.
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3. Ulfberht Ragnarok Viking Long Sword Scandinavian Bastard Norse Blade

Another 1060 steel blade, this sword comes in slightly shorter than the Norse raider, but with the added advantage of a cross guard. This means when you plunge your blade into your foe you won't burn your hand on their burning flesh.

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4. Cold Italian Long Sword 1060 Forged Steel Functional Battle Ready European Medieval

With the cross guard of the Viking long sword, and a blade length of 3 ft., this baby's the best of both worlds. Let's just say there's a reason this sword's battle ready.
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5. Cold Two Handed Great Sword Functional 1060 Forged Steel European Claymore

No dragon is going to mess with you if you're carrying this. With 43 inches of 1060 high carbon forged toughness, you'll be able to combine the thrusting power of the last 3 weapons with the heft and cutting power of the Odachi. When the dragon apocalypse comes, this sword has no peer.

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So those are our top 5 swords for dragon slaying, make sure to pick one up soon to protect your house from the dragon-pocalypse!