Top Five Weapons to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse (on a budget) Ranked by Effectiveness, Quality, Best Selling, and More.

By Yugo505, September 18, 2015

Fear grips the masses, an outbreak of a weaponized deadly virus based on rabies has exploded across several third world countries, and millions of refugees have fled their own home countries to survive.

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As the European Union (EU) braces to receive refugees from across the world due to a new contagion, a realization occurs that the EU is not capable of regulating and screening each individual refugee for infectious disease and quarantine. Millions of people flock from Africa, Asia, and other regions, only to be refused at the borders, thus they are forced to enter those countries illegally or without following medical protocol. Later regular tourist and business travelers cross the globe from the EU to the stretches of the world, they bring with them a 4 week incubation period of the weaponized virus. This is the pretext for a complete and total zombie pandemic reaching every corner without warning. A virus which is undetectable for 4 weeks before it affects its host then shuts down the logical side of thinking and leaves the host with simple animalistic instincts to eat and destroy the flesh of those whom are still fresh. These 'Zombies' feel no pain, have no thoughts, and can live for up to a month or two without food, or many years with a steady supply of fresh flesh.

The event becomes known as the global pandemic of 2016 just before the media outlets are forced to shut down broadcasting. Next comes the power grid and utilities. Even the most advanced countries military might has failed and now anyone who has managed to survive or avoid becoming infected must fend for themselves and make the best of what they have. Generally, this group of survivors includes those who have prepared for other emergency survival situations, despite having been ridiculed as doomsday preppers and conspiracy theorists, they are prepared for the worst. Note: this is a simple work of fiction, for the time being...

Here is the Top 5 List of Zombie Survival Weapons (for the budget-minded) available right now to you regardless of what kind of budget you may set.

1. Functional Straitblade Ninja Katana Stealth Blowgun Combo

With a sharpened, full tang, 1045 carbon steel blade, this battle ready strait blade Katana is usually priced at under a single 'Benjamin', but occasionally can be found on sale for prices as low as $79.99 (or even $75.99), and regular price of $99.99. Included with the sword is a wooden Saya featuring a real .30 caliber blowgun, quiver, and a dozen darts. While the blowgun is a nice stealthy way to fire a projectile, the real highlight here is the low cost of an amazingly agile and powerful 8mm thick blade.


2. SHTF Zombie Killer Self Defense Machete Sword - Carbon Steel 24.5 Inch

Travel light, but travel safe with this all purpose modern machete sword, clearly designed with a full tang and multiple blade edges for the zombie slaughter. Cutouts in the blade provide weight reductions without compromising the strength of the blade. The blade is carbon steel and all black with Zombie Killer and a biohazard emblem in green print. Bright green nylon cord wraps the handle grip. Zombies have trouble seeing bright colors, so rest assured this 24.5 inch machete will do the trick. Comes with a nylon sheath and back strap. You can pickup one of these for $49.99 regular price, or on sale sometimes for $39.99 during limited times.
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3. Zombie Massacre Machete Modern Day Sword 1045 Carbon Steel Sharp

Reduce the number of infected zombies in your area without breaking the bank or breaking a sweat. This all black 29 inch carbon steel machete sword features the blade profile for annihilation of the undead walkers. It is very sharp and has a full tang with a Katana-like hand guard.

This type of bladed weapon is a perfect fit for general purpose Anti-Zombie missions and personal defense against undead walkers. It looks good and cuts great, and the blade has a red pattern over a heat treated and quenched blackened (or blued) surface finish. The quenching process actually makes the surface of the steel more durable. Comes with sheath, adjustable back strap, and quick release. On sale for $47.99 until 9/21/2015.

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4. 9mm Flame Breeder Cast Iron Fire Cleaver Demon War Machete Sword

Cast iron forged into a robust 1045 carbon steel destroyer of anything, the 9mm Flame Breeder has a blade thickness of 9mm and the flame pattern is part of the steel, not any cheap print or paint. It is 25 inches long and full tang with introductory sharpness and will serve its owner for a long time coming. In fact, this sword is nearly indestructible and can be carried from the back or shoulder easily. Current sale price today is $35.99 but hurry and buy soon this sale ends 9/21/2015.
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5. Ninja Knuckle Sword Brave 10 Anime Sasuke Sarutobi Koga Ninja Sword - Carbon Steel Replica

Ok… ok ok this one is an anime replica, but the darn thing has knuckle spikes and a full tang carbon steel blade. This sword style excels at defense and offense whilst maintaining a low profile that is easy to carry with you. When cornered and overwhelmed by zombies you have many options: slash, stab, or punch your way through the masses to escape to safety. We recommend some sharpening on the blade, but otherwise it is ready to rock!

You can pick one up on sale for $31.99, or regular price of $39.99. See the NINJA KNUCKLE SWORD Now