Touken Ranbu Taroutachi Ootachi Carbon Steel Sword Odachi Anime Game Online

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The Ootachi, or Odachi is a massive double-handed sword similar in style to a katana, but with a much longer handle and blade. This particular Odachi is an awesome replica from the character Taroutachi in the anime game Touken Ranbu Online. This sword is huge, measuring over four and a half feet long in its hardwood scabbard. The blade alone measures right around three feet of quality carbon steel, and it features black plating with an awesome rippling hamon (edge pattern). The handle is also hardwood, finished with a glittering patterned fabric under a red nylon cord wrap. All of the golden fittings on this sword, including the guard, pommel, and scabbard caps, are made of plated zinc alloy.

Overall Length: 55.75 Inches (in Saya)
Blade Length: 36.5 Inches
Blade Thickness: 3.5mm
Blade Style: Japanese Odachi, Dark Quenched Finish, Wire Brush Hamon
Blade Material: Carbon Steel, Satin Surface
Sharpness & Functionality: Unsharpened Edge, Display Quality Replica
Tang: 4.55 Inches
Tsuba (Guard): 3 Inches, Authentic Zinc Aluminum Alloy, Golden Finish
Tsuka Length: 16 Inches, Pommel is All Metal
Handle: Wooden, Gold, Red Nylon Wrapped
Saya (Scabbard): Wooden, Golden Zinc Alloy Fittings, Red Glossy Paint
All specifications are approximate.
Item Number:   TRO-05  

Shipping/Package Specifications
Length: 58
Width: 4
Height: 4
Pounds: 6
Ounces: 0.00000
*note: weight & dimensions are for shipping and estimation.

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