Warlord Medieval Armor Combo Legs Carbon Steel Greaves, Poleynes, Knee Cops

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Pair of two, left and right side leg armor!
Become the unbreakable warrior clad in steel armor. Medieval knights wore this type of armor into battle for protection of the legs, especially if they were on horseback. The set includes steel greaves that cover both the front and back of the legs, and knee cops for the front of each knee. The steel plates are linked together by heavy duty genuine leather and may take some time to 'wear-in' before they become flexible. A single point adjustable leather strap is integrated to fit around the middle of each greave.

This is a very well made set, reasonable enough for Lore based upon historically accurate weaponry, costume, reenactment, and display. Despite having some rough edges here and there, each handmade piece is unique and may have slight differences between any two pieces. We recommend you wear cotton padding under this armor for comfort and fitment. It may be necessary for you to supply your own hardware, harness, padding, or other accessories to fit greaves depending on other armor or accessories you wish to wear with this set.

Overall Length: 16.5 Inches (flat)
Knee Cop Width: 6.85 Inches
Greave Width: 4.75 Inches
Materials: Carbon Steel, Genuine Leather, Metal Rivets
Construction: Armor Plating, Leather Linkages
Steel Thickness: ~18ga
Size: Fits Adult Sizes
Era: Medieval Europe
Historical Significance: Replica of the Steel or Iron Versions Worn by Knights
Fitment: Adjustable Leather Straps, Buckles
Coverage: Front & Back of Lower Leg, Shin, Knee, Tibia, Ankles
Weight Each: 1 lbs 5 oz EACH
Includes: Left Leg Armor, Right Leg Armor
Not Included: Pants, Shorts, Socks or any other Garments or Accessories
*All specifications approximated*
Item Number:   MAUB04  

Shipping/Package Specifications
Length: 16
Width: 12
Height: 5
Pounds: 5
Ounces: 8.00000
*note: weight & dimensions are for shipping and estimation.

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