Wooden Sandai Kitetsu One Piece Anime Sword Roronoa Zoro Cursed

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Sandai Kitetsu, one of the famous Wazamono grade swords, however, it is dubbed the Cursed Sword, as it has taken the lives of it's previous owners in a fate of bad fortune. Roronoa Zoro finds the Sandai Kitetsu in a sword shop for 5 berries, and is impressed with it's quality. The owner of the shop tells him it is a cursed sword and that is why he sells it so cheap. Zoro tests his luck by throwing the sword into the air and holding his arm out. In a spinning fit of sharp steel, the sword narrowly winds around Zoro's arm, missing it, proving that Zoro's luck is greater than the Sandai Kitetsu Curse.

The wooden version of Sandai Kitetsu is built according to Cosplay and Convention standards, with absolutely no metal parts. It has an impeccable paint job and is painted with 100% lead-free paint, meaning it is safe to handle, unlike the competitors wooden sword versions. Swordsaxe is proud to stand behind this wooden replica sword and goes the extra mile in eliminating the toxicity of the Cosplay sword market. Fittings and guard are plastic for durability, but have a faux antiqued brass look a like finish. Handle is wrapped in bright red Ito and white faux ray skin underneath.

Overall Length: 39.25 Inches
Blade Length: 27.15 Inches
Blade Thickness: 7mm
Blade: Wooden Replica, Lightweight, Aluminum Metallic Paint
Guard: Metallic Antiqued Finish, ABS Plastic Material, Anime Replica
Handle: Wooden, Burgundy Nylon Wrap over Black Faux Rayskin, Gold Trim
Handle Length: 10.1 Inches
Saya: All Wood, Gloss Red, Black Stripe, Plastic Fittings w Antiqued Faux Brass
Features: Accurate Replica Piece, Conventions-Ready
Item Number:   WOA-007  

Shipping/Package Specifications
Length: 48
Width: 4
Height: 4
Pounds: 2
Ounces: 8.00000
*note: weight & dimensions are for shipping and estimation.

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